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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]UNIT EIGHT Peter has just left[00:05.80]Let's read[00:10.55]Anne called on Peter.[00:14.39]She want to go to the children's library with him.[00:19.96]"I'm sorry,Anne," Peter's mother said.[00:25.13]"You've missed him. He's just left.[00:29.99]"Run along to the bus stop.You may catch up with him there."[00:36.34]Anne ran down the stairs and across the road to the bus stop.[00:42.00]The bus was moving away down the road.[00:46.65]"You've just missed it,"a bus inspector said.[00:52.22]"Another one will come soon."[00:56.16]Anne waited for the next bus.[01:00.32]Fifteen minutes later, she arrived at he library.[01:05.18]"I'm looking for my friend,"she told the librarian and desCRIbed Peter.[01:12.12]"I'm sorry,"the librarian said.[01:16.70]"He's just gone.""I can't follow Peter all over the city," Anne thought.[01:24.14]"I'll try one more place."[01:28.22]They often had a hamburger at the McDonald's near the library.[01:34.38]Anne went there.[01:37.54]This time,she was lucky."Hi,Anne!"Peter said.[01:44.20]"Come and join me. I've only just started."[01:49.77]Anne ordered her hamburger and brought it to the table.[01:55.23]"I've had a silly morning,"she said.[01:59.80]"I've just followed you all over the city.[02:04.06]Fun time[02:08.10]This is a memory game for the whole class.[02:12.15]Any student who forgets the namesor the order of the places drops out of the game.[02:19.91]We've heen on a trip around Shenzhen,Benny, where have we been?[02:27.57]We've been to Nantou.[02:31.51]We've been to Shekou.[02:36.26]We've been to Nantou,Xixiang and Shatoujiao.[02:44.44]We've been to Nantou.[02:48.57]Denis Dragon[02:52.93]Tim!I've just seen a ghost.[02:59.70]Don't be silly,Denis.[03:03.85]Come outside with me.[03:07.79]Look!That's not a ghost, Denis.[03:12.47]That's your shadow.[03:15.92]A poem[03:22.45]My Sister Laura[03:26.42]My sister Laura's bigger than I.[03:31.17]She lifts me quite easily.[03:35.72]I can't lift her.I've just tried;[03:41.07]She must have something heavy inside.[03:45.75]Words and expressions[03:49.59]call on[03:51.77]拜访,去会(某人)[03:53.95]catch up[03:56.03]赶上[03:58.11]inspector[04:00.38]n.检查员;鉴察员[04:02.65]later[04:04.53]ad...之后,过了...[04:06.41]order[04:08.33]v.点(菜),叫(饭);定购n.顺序;命令[04:10.25]memory[04:12.47]n.记忆;记忆力[04:14.69]forget,forgot,forgotten[04:18.87]v.忘记,遗忘[04:23.05]drop out[04:25.13]退出;不再参加[04:27.21]central[04:29.09]a.中心的,中央的[04:30.97]trip[04:32.55]n.旅行[04:34.13]ghost[04:36.26]n.鬼 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180209/535562.html