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美国语文第五册 第205期:考试(01)

"Have you any questions to ask me in the other branches, sir?" asked Locke. "Not many," replied Bunker. “朋友,你还有其他课程的问题想问我?”洛克问道。“不多了,”邦克回答。 There is reading, writing, grammar, etc., which I know nothing about; 至于阅读、写作或语法等等,我是压根不懂的, and as to them, I must, of course, take you by guess, 当然,如果谈论这些,我只有帮你猜猜, which will not be much of a guess, after all, if I find you have thought well on all other matters. 或许根本沾不上什么边,但毕竟我可以了解到,你对其他所有问题思考是否成熟, Do you understand philosophy? 你懂哲学吗? To what branch of philosophy do you allude, sir? 先生,你所指哪种哲学流派? To the only branch there is. 哲学仅有唯一流派。 But you are aware that philosophy is divided into different kinds; as, natural, moral, and intellectual. 但你很清楚哲学分为不同的学术分支,包括自然哲学、精神哲学以及心智哲学。 Nonsense! philosophy is philosophy, and means the study of the reasons and causes of the things which we see, 扯谈!哲学就是哲学,哲学涉猎我们所见事物推理与缘由的研究, whether it be applied to a crazy man's dreams, or the roasting of potatoes. Have you attended to it? 无论是否用以痴人说梦,或者焙烤马铃薯,你上过课吗? Yes, to a considerable extent, sir. 是的,学过很多,先生。 I will put a question or two, then, if you please. 如果乐意的话,我想请教你一或两个问题, What is the reason of the fact, for it is a fact, 可否谈谈,什么为事实推理,由于它基于某一事实吗? that the damp breath of a person blown on a good knife and on a bad one, will soonest disappear from the well-tempered blade? 比如,一个人往优质刀片上或劣质刀片上吹气,由于优化热处理缘故,优质刀片上气息是否散发更快? "It may be owing to the difference in the polish of the two blades, perhaps." replied Locke. “造成差异的原因或许由于两片刀片抛光度的不同。”洛克回答。 "Ah! that is an answer that don't go deeper than the surface," rejoined Bunker, humorously. “哈!这答案不过涉及皮毛,”邦克幽默地接着补充。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180209/535420.html