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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]UNIT ELEVEN[00:03.21]Have you packed your suitcase?[00:07.16]A Let's read[00:11.23]Peter's father often goes to Hong Kong on business.[00:16.80]Last time,he wanted to takd Peter with him.[00:21.97]Peter's mother was very worried about the trip.[00:26.62]She asked lots of questions.[00:30.77]Have you packed your suitcase,Peter?""Yes,I packed it yesterday[00:37.93]"Have you booked your ticket?""Yes. Daddy booked it last week."[00:44.70]"What about your room?Have you tidied it?"[00:49.76]"Yes.I tidied it last night."[00:54.52]Have you told your friends about the trip?""Yes.I rang them yesterday.[01:01.47]Then she spoke to Mr Zhang."Have you booked the hotel?""Yes,dear.[01:08.94]My company booked it last month.Please don't worry about us.[01:15.78]We'll be back soon.""Don't forget to send me a postcard,"said Mrs Zhang[01:22.34]"No,we shan't,"said Peter.[01:27.61]Peter and his father went to the railway station by taxi.[01:32.06]Peter stopped at the postbox near the station.[01:36.73]He put a letter in the postbox.[01:40.99]"What are you doing?"asked his father.[01:45.85]"This is our letter to Mummy,"said Peter."I wrote it before breakfast[01:52.80]Now she won't worry.[01:56.24]C Fun time[02:00.40]Look at the pictures below.[02:04.16]In pairs,ask and answer each other's questions about the pictures.[02:10.93]Have you been to Hong Kong? Yes.I went to Hong Kong last year.[02:18.29]Have you been to Hong Kong?No,I've never been there.[02:25.35]E Denis Dragon[02:29.71]Look,Tim!My tooth has fallen out![02:35.45]You must put it under your pillow,Denis[02:40.52]The tooth fairy will give you some money.[02:47.18]Has the tooth fairy come?Yes,Tim.She came last night.[02:54.73]What did she leave?This.[02:59.41]F Let's rhyme[03:06.25]Pussycat,pussycat,where have you been?[03:11.50]I've been to London to see the Queen.[03:16.36]Pussycat,pussycat,what did you do there?[03:21.72]I frightened a little mouse under a chair.[03:27.07]word and expressions[03:30.73]pack[03:32.86]v.打(行李),把......打包[03:34.99]suitcase[03:37.72]n.小提箱;衣箱[03:40.45]business[03:42.58]n.商业;生意;事务[03:44.71]on business[03:47.24]办事,因公[03:49.77]lot[03:51.80]n.很多[03:53.82]lots of[03:56.20]许多[03:58.58]book[04:00.56]v.预定,定(戏票、车位)[04:02.55]company[04:04.73]n.同伴,朋友;公司[04:06.91]postcard[04:09.29]n.明信片[04:11.66]post-box[04:14.09]n.信箱,邮筒[04:16.52]railway[04:18.80]n.铁路,铁道[04:21.07]railway station[04:23.89]火车站[04:26.71]positive[04:28.98]a.肯定的;规定的;明确的[04:31.26]curtain[04:33.32]n.帘;窗帘;门帘;幕[04:35.38]pillow[04:37.42]n.枕头[04:39.46]queen[04:41.68]n.王后,女王 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180208/535253.html