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商务礼节美语 第186期:健身计划 Fitness Program(03)

公司高管Peter, Jason和Helen开会讨论员工保健项目。大家都赞成把地下室改成健身中心,为员工健身提供方面。可问题在于,怎样才能要求员工去健身呢? Helen就提出了这个问题。 H: The gym is a good step. But Peter is asking how to mandate fitness. J: I'd say there is really only one way to mandate anything: we'll have to set reasonable goals for people and then penalize them financially if they don't make it. P: I'm afraid Jason is 100% correct. I think the only way to really see changes is to hit people where it hurts: in their wallets. 如何才能要求员工去健身?how to mandate fitness. mandate, 有命令的意思。 Jason建议,唯一强迫员工去健身的办法就是预设合理目标,如果不能达标, if they don't make it,就采取罚款的方式。 Peter认为,Jason is 100% correct. Jason百分之百正确。要想见成果,就一定要hit people where it hurts,击中要害,对员工来说,他们的要害就是their wallets他们的钱包。 H: Ok...how about this for a plan: if you are a smoker or seriously overweight you have two options. One: quit smoking and/or lose weight and you keep your corporately funded health plan. Or two: Ignore our health warnings and you have to pay the 25% difference out of your pocket. Helen建议,可以给吸烟或肥胖的员工两种选择two options。 一种是: quit smoking and /or lose weight戒烟,减肥,这样就可以继续享受公司出钱购买的医疗保健计划。 第二种是: ignore your health warnings,不顾健康方面的警告,也就是说不戒烟,不减肥,那你的医疗保健费用就要有四分之一得自己掏腰包,out of your pocket。 J: You know...that sounds reasonable. P: I'm inclined to agree. We're not being unreasonable and we are trying to do our part. H: But people will have to meet us half way. P: Thank you Helen and Jason. I appreciate your ideas. 开会的三位主管都觉得这种办法合情合理,reasonable, 作为公司,应该给员工提供一些健身保健方面的便利条件,但是与此同时,people will have to meet us half way. Meet somebody half way意思是做出必要的妥协和让步,在这里,是指员工也应该积极响应公司提出的健身号召。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180208/535129.html