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广场舞跳出千亿市场规模 中国大妈演绎美好新生活

A huge market has been established in China thanks to square dancing, an exercise routine performed to music in squares, plazas, and parks of the country's cities by middle-aged and retired women. 广场舞在中国已衍生出巨大的市场。这是一种中年和退休妇女伴随着音乐,在中国各个城市的广场、公园进行的日常锻炼。 It is estimated that 100 million square dancers in the country are creating a 100 billion yuan market. 据估计,人数达1亿的中国广场舞大妈们正创造出一个规模为千亿元的市场。 Just go to e-commerce platform Taobao and search for key words like "dancing costume", "boombox", and "portable video player", and hundreds of thousands of items will pop up. 只要在电商平台淘宝上搜索“舞蹈服装”、“拉杆音响”、“便携式视频播放器”等关键词,几十万件相关商品便会映入眼帘。 These three items, which are closely related with square dancing, are responsible for 25 million yuan of transactions on Taobao each month. Based on a conservative projection, the sales volume of the offline market is thought to be 10 times of that online. 这三种和广场舞紧密相关的商品在淘宝的月销售额达2500万元,而线下销售额保守估计是线上的10倍。 Statistics by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba show that in the first nine months of 2017 people aged 50 and over purchased an average of 44 items online, spending nearly 5,000 yuan on average. 国内电商巨头阿里巴巴的数据显示,今年前9个月,50岁及以上的人平均网购商品44件,人均消费近5000元。 An Amazon report also suggested that consumers over 60 years old took up the highest proportion among the buyers who purchased foreign products with a value of over 5,000 yuan. 亚马逊的一份报告也表明,在单笔消费超过5000元这一维度中,60岁以上的消费者在购买国外产品的消费者中所占比例最高。 Though the market is obviously huge, it is not always easy to bring home the bacon. It calls for patience and careful observation to enter the "silver hair" market, because consumers in this age group have a variety of demands. 虽然这一市场如此巨大,但要获得成功并不总是那么容易的。进入“银发”市场需要耐心和仔细的观察,因为这个年龄段的消费者有各种各样的需求。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180208/535078.html