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Facebook says it has successfully tested a computer program that can help keep users from taking their own lives. 脸书声称,该公司已经成功测试了一款可以阻止用户自杀的计算机程序。 The social media network now says it will expand the use of the pattern recognition software to other countries. 这家社交媒体网站表示,将会把这种模式识别软件推广到其它国家。 Facebook began testing the software in the United States in March. The software is considered an example of artificial intelligence. 今年3月份,脸书开始在美国测试这款软件。这款软件被视为人工智能的一个案例。 The software scans messages on Facebook for comments that could be signs that a person intends to harm themselves. 这款软件会扫描脸书上的信息,找出其中可能预示着自我伤害倾向的言论。 Facebook has not released any of the technical details about the program. But, the company did say that it looks for phrases such as "Are you ok?" and "Can I help?" 脸书尚未发布关于该程序的任何技术细节。但是该公司表示,它会搜索“你还好吗?”和“我能帮到你吗?”这类的短语。 If the software finds the signs it is looking for, it alerts a team of Facebook workers who specialize in dealing with such reports. 如果该软件发现了在搜索的一些迹象,它就会通知脸书公司一队专门处理这类报告的工作人员。 The system suggests resources to the user or to friends of the person such as a telephone help line. Facebook workers sometimes call local officials to take action. 该系统会向用户或其好友提供一些有用信息,例如求助热线。脸书的员工有时候还会通知当地政府官员来采取行动。 Guy Rosen is Facebook's vice president for product management. He posted a desCRIption of the program on the Facebook website. He said the company was expanding use of the software because the tests were successful. 盖伊·罗森是脸书的产品管理副主管。日前他在脸书官网上发布了该程序的产品概述。他表示,该公司开始推广这款程序的应用是因为测试非常成功。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180208/535077.html