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BBC地平线 何以为人(What Makes us Human) 第06期

认为动物的聪明程度是按阶梯排列的 is the idea that theres this ladder of intelligence 迈克尔·托马塞洛教授 德国马普研究所 莱比锡 各种动物的智力皆可从低到高进行排序 that goes from low to high, and animals can just be placed on it. 智力的测定其实要复杂得多 It's actually much more complicated than that. 不同的动物有不同的才智 可以这么说 Different animals have different intelligences, as it were. 世界上记忆力最好的是松鼠和鸟类 So the best memorisers in the world are squirrels and birds 它们会把坚果藏在不同的地方 that hide their nuts in different locations 还能记住无数个藏匿地点 and can remember dozens and dozens and dozens of locations, 比我们能记住的多得多 more than we can. 我正想问你 你刚才说 Oh, I was going to say, so when you say 世界上记忆力最好的动物 best memorisers in the world, 这比较也包括我们吗 that includes us? 包括我们 当然了 That includes us. Absolutely. 就类人猿来说 我们发现它们非常擅长 In the case of apes, what we think is that they're especially good 识别物体的物理特性 at cognising things about the physical world 以及理解空间 and understanding space, 还有因果关系 比如使用工具 and causal relations like when using tools, 知道如何造成物体的移动等等 what causes something to move and whatever. 这些它们都非常擅长 They're very good at that 可以说 类人猿在这方面的理解能力 and basically they're not different from human children 和人类孩童相差无几 in that kind of understanding. 这里有项任务 So heres this task. 这里有一小颗花生 这是给你的奖励 I put a little peanut, this is for you, this is your reward 我把花生放进去 and I just put it in here. 为了向我展示黑猩猩有多聪明 And to show me just how intelligent chimps can be, 迈克尔的同事丹尼尔·哈努斯 Michaels colleague, Daniel Hannus, 邀请我来试试手 has invited me to try my hand 解答一个他们经常用来考验黑猩猩的问题 at solving a problem that they regularly give to chimpanzees. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180207/What-Makes-us-Human-6.html