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BBC地平线 何以为人(What Makes us Human) 第10期

所以如果只有一方拉动 so that if anyone individual pulls, 绳子就会松掉 it'll just pull the rope out loosely. 好的 Ah, right. 所以它们要一起拉绳子 And so you have to pull together 才能得到食物 in order to get the food. 现在它们都拉着自己这边的绳子 So now they each have their rope. 那块板子是活动的吗 So that's a moveable plank? 是活动的 It's a moveable plank. -那块香蕉就是它们的奖品 -对 - With their pieces of banana, which is their reward. - Exactly. -所以它们要一起拉 -必须一起拉 - So they have to pull together- And they have to pull together. 不管哪一边单独拉动 绳子都会松动脱出 If any one of them pulls alone, they just pull it out. 现在绳子绷紧了 So now it's tightened up 它们就快动手了 and they're ready to actually make it move, 但它们必须密切关注对方在干什么 but they have to be sensitive to what the other one is doing. 看到了吗 它们在看对方 Notice there was actually a look to the other? -是的 这太神奇了 -好的 - Yeah, this is amazing. - OK, 它们一起拉动绳子 拿到了奖品 and they both pull it in and get their rewards. 这里就数这两只做得最好 These are two of our best at doing this. -太厉害了 -它们非常棒 - That is stunning. - They are very good. 完美合作 太棒了 Proper, proper co-operation. It's brilliant. 但在黑猩猩的世界里 合作很容易破裂 But co-operation in the chimp world is a fragile thing. 要是其中一方没做好 What happens if something goes wrong 让一只黑猩猩先拿到奖品了呢 and one chimp gets her reward first? 这只的绳子缠起来了 This one has tangled her rope. Oh! 她够不到了 She can't quite reach it. 现在她完不成了 只要那只松开手 And now she can't do it, as long as this ones let go. 你能看到绳子被拉出来了 You can now see the rope coming out. 她很沮丧 Shes frustrated because -因为它们没有同步拉动 -没错 - they didn't pull exactly synchronously. - Yeah. 所以她得到了奖品 她很开心 就跑了 So she's got her reward. She's happy now, she's gone. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180207/What-Makes-us-Human-10.html