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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]UNIT TWELVE[00:03.21]I was late because I...[00:07.05]A Let's read[00:11.42]Poor Ken!He was still trying very hard to be good.[00:18.18]but it was difficult.[00:21.73]He did his homework on time because he wanted to please his teacher.[00:28.60]he was kind to his friends because he wanted to be popular.[00:34.35]He helped his mother because she was always very busy.[00:40.23]One morning,he was helping his mother with the breakfast when the telephone rang[00:48.09]It was his friend,Mary.Ken listened to her and then quickly had his breakfast.[00:56.45]He missed the bus and so he ran to school.He arrived just on time.[01:04.50]The bell was ringing.Then he saw his classmate,George.[01:11.34]George was sitting outside the school gates.[01:15.99]Ken sat down beside him and began to help him with his homework.[01:22.36]George thanked Ken and dried his eyes.[01:27.01]It took Ken fifteen minutes to explain the answer[01:32.34]and then they ran into the classroom[01:36.81]The teacher was very angry with Ken and George because they were late.[01:43.37]She made them write an essay for homework:"Why were you late?"[01:50.13]Ken worte this:I was late because I helped my mother with the breakfast.[01:58.60]I was late because my sick friend,May,phoned me this morning.[02:05.54]I was late because I helped George with his homework.[02:12.00]C Fun time[02:16.15]In pairs,ask and answer questions about yourselves using[02:23.52]"Why..."and "It's because..."[02:28.69]Why are you sitting next to Tony,Benny?It's because he's my best friend.[02:36.34]Why are you wearing a red watch,Jane?It's because I like red.[02:43.11]Why didn't you do your homework last night, Helen?It's because I didn't feel well[02:52.07]E Denis Dragon[02:56.20]Why are you laughing,Denis?I'm laughing because this book is very funny.[03:07.25]But you're reading it upside down.I know.It's funny this way.[03:14.90]It's very sad the right way up.[03:19.55]F Let's sing[03:23.81]The Wizard of Oz We're off to see the wizard,The wonderful wizard of Oz,[03:32.06]Because,because,because,because,Because of the wonderful things he does.[03:38.12]We're off to see the wizard,The wonderful wizard of Oz.[03:43.90]The wizard of Oz.We're off to see the wizard,The wonderful wizard of Oz.[03:52.96]Because,because,because,because,Because of the wonderful things he does.[04:01.01]We're off to see the wizard,The wonderful wizard of Oz.[04:08.08]word and expressions[04:11.74]on time[04:14.07]按时[04:16.39]popular[04:18.57]a.流行的;;受欢迎的[04:20.75]classmate[04:23.12]n.同班同学[04:25.48]George[04:27.61]m.乔治[04:29.74]essay[04:31.76]n.散文;文章[04:33.79]upside[04:36.32]n.上边;上面;上部[04:38.86]upside down[04:41.34]ad.倒置;颠倒,混乱[04:43.82]because[04:45.90]conj. ad.因为[04:47.97]because of[04:50.30]因为...... 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180207/534942.html