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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]UNIT THIRTEEN They look different from each other[00:06.69]Let's read[00:10.81]Peter,Anne,Sue and Ken are great friends.[00:17.29]They all go to the same school.[00:21.86]Peter,Anne and Sue have the same teacher,[00:25.63]but Ken is in a different class from them.[00:31.19]The four children all study the same subjects as each other[00:37.25]but Ken's lessons are not as difficult as the other's lessons.[00:43.62]The children look different from each other.[00:48.38]Peter is taller than the others.[00:52.82]Anne is the same height as Sue,but Sue is a little heavier.[00:59.48]Of course,Ken is the smallest person of the group.[01:05.44]Anne,Sue and Peter are always smartly dressed[01:11.60]but Ken looks quite different from them.[01:16.07]His clothes are often dirter.[01:20.33]Anne and Ken share the same study.[01:24.98]Kens part of the room is always untidy and Anne complains loudly.[01:33.13]What a pity for Anne!The children also have different hobbies.[01:40.28]Peter likes skating and reading.[01:44.96]He collects stamps.[01:48.72]Sue has a collection, too,but she collects different things from Peter.[01:55.57]She keeps a collection of picture in her scrapbook.[02:00.74]Anne does not collect anything.[02:04.81]She likes singing and drawing.[02:09.25]Ken collect papers, tickets,strings and chewing gum wrappers.[02:16.62]In fact,he has the best collection of rubbish in his school.[02:23.39]Fun time[02:27.64]Draw a robot.[02:30.99]Compare it with a friend's robot.[02:35.14]Tony,look at my robot.[02:40.31]Is it the same as yours?[02:44.44]No,it isn't.It's differnet from mine.[02:49.59]How is it different?[02:52.96]It has different colours from mine.[02:57.50]Denis Dragon[03:02.18]Tim is different from Denis.[03:06.72]Of course,he is a boy and Denis a dragon.[03:12.91]They are the same as each other in some ways.[03:17.64]They both have two eyes and two ears.[03:23.10]They both like McDonald's.[03:27.36]They both like puzzles.[03:31.12]How else are they the same?[03:35.28]And how else are they different from each other?[03:40.24]word and expressions[03:43.90]study[03:45.97]v.学习,研究 n.书房[03:48.05]a little[03:50.18]一点[03:52.31]smartly[03:54.64]ad.漂亮地;时髦地;灵巧地[03:56.98]dress[03:59.01]v.给......穿衣[04:01.03]dressed[04:03.10]a.穿好衣裳[04:05.16]pity[04:07.14]n.怜悯,同情;憾事[04:09.13]part[04:11.05]n.部分[04:12.97]hobby[04:14.75]n.(业佘)爱好[04:16.52]chew[04:18.26]v.嚼,咀嚼[04:20.00]gum[04:21.77]n.树胶;胶浆[04:23.55]chewing gum[04:26.03]口香糖[04:28.51]wrapper[04:30.39]n.包装物;覆盖物[04:32.27]fact[04:34.10]n.事实[04:35.93]in fact[04:37.97]事实上[04:40.01]compare...with[04:42.38]将.....相比[04:44.76]robot[04:46.68]n.机器人[04:48.60]way[04:50.78]n.方面 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180207/534941.html