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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]UNIT FOURTEEN She's too heavy for us to carry[00:06.48]Let's read[00:10.92]Peter,Anne,Sue and Ken went to the East Lake Park for the day.[00:18.57]They had a picnic by the dam.[00:23.33]Sue ran off into the forest on her own.[00:28.97]Then she put her foot into a rabbit hole and fell down.[00:35.63]She twisted her ankle and hurt it badly.[00:40.88]She could not walk.It was too painful for her to stand up.[00:47.86]She sat on the ground and screamed.[00:52.90]At first,her screams were not loud enough for the others to hear.[00:59.27]Then Ken said,"Can you hear something?What animal's making that noise?[01:07.81]Is it a bird?"The children listened carefully.[01:14.66]"It sounds like a child,"Anne said.[01:20.01]Suddenly,she put her hand to her mouth.[01:24.27]"Where's Sue?"They looked around.[01:30.33]Sue was not there.[01:33.88]"It is Sue!"Anne said."Come on.We must find her."[01:40.65]They ran into the trees,shouting,[01:44.91]"Sue!Sue!Where are you?"She kept on screaming and soon they found her.[01:54.05]"I can't walk,"she said.[01:58.10]Peter tried to lift her up.[02:01.76]"She's too heavy for me to carry,"he said.[02:07.11]"I'm not strong enough to carry her on my own."[02:12.39]"We'll make a stretcher,"Anne said.[02:16.75]"We need two straight branches from a tree and your jacket, Peter."[02:23.91]The children soon found two branches.[02:28.45]Anne took Peter's jacket and did up the buttons.[02:33.73]Then she put the branches into the jacket and made a stretcher.[02:39.37]They lifted Sue up and put her on the stretcher.[02:44.34]It was strong enough for her to lie on.[02:48.46]Peter lifted one end of it and Anne lifted the other.[02:54.63]They carried Sue to the bus stop.[02:59.07]Fun time[03:03.22]Choose one of the following groups of words in the box.[03:08.79]Mime an action for it.[03:13.23]Ask someone to make a sentence about what you are miming.[03:18.90]What's my problem, Benny?[03:22.74]Your suitcase is too heavy to lift.[03:27.78]Good.Your turn.[03:32.14]Denis Dragon[03:36.40]Let's go to Lingding Island,Tim.[03:42.64]I can't,Denis.I'm not old enough to go on my own.[03:49.02]Ask your mother to go.[03:53.06]She's too busy to take us.[03:57.04]And she doesn't know about you.[04:00.98]Who does know about me,Tim?[04:05.24]Who does know about Denis?[04:14.80]A Joke[04:21.56]A four-year-old boy was angry with his mother.[04:27.60]He put his pyjamas and toothbrush into a little case and ran out of the flat.[04:36.66]He walked round and round the block of flats for hours.[04:43.32]A policeman up to him and said,[04:48.37]"What are you doing?""I'm running away from home,"the little boy said.[04:55.63]"But why are you walking round and round the block?"the policeman asked.[05:02.79]"It's because I'm not old enough to cross the road on my own,"[05:09.94]the little boy replied.[05:13.60]word and expressions[05:18.64]dam[05:20.82]n.水坝;水堤[05:23.00]on one's own[05:25.79]独;靠自己[05:28.57]twist[05:30.40]v.扭弯;扭歪;扭伤[05:32.23]ankle[05:34.50]a.踝关节[05:36.77]painful[05:39.15]a.痛的,痛苦的[05:41.52]keep on doing sth.[05:44.80]继续(做某事),总是做某事[05:48.08]stretcher[05:50.51]n.担架[05:52.94]branch[05:55.12]n.树枝[05:57.30]jacket[05:59.43]n.短上衣,夹克衫[06:01.56]do up[06:03.60]扣;扎;包;系;捆[06:05.64]end[06:07.76]n.末,端[06:09.89]button[06:12.08]n.钮扣,按钮[06:14.26]reach[06:16.48]v.到达;伸手(脚)及到[06:18.70]block[06:20.73]n.一排房屋;街区[06:22.77]island[06:25.29]n.岛 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180206/534608.html