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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]UNIT FIfTEEN[00:03.58]A Sentence patterns[00:07.94]He has just started.They have already left.He has not started yet.[00:17.01]They have not left yet.[00:21.37]Have you had your dinner yet?Have you seen the film yet?[00:28.13]He uses a stick to punish the flies.He uses a stick to hit the judge.[00:37.38]He uses a stick to fight the thief.[00:43.26]Why were you late for school?Why are you crying?Why did you get up late?[00:51.80]I was late for school because I missed the bus.[00:57.08]I was late for school because I woke up late.[01:03.14]I was late for school because it rained.[01:08.47]Is this the same as that?Is this as long as that?Is this different from that?[01:18.32]This book is too hard for me to understand.[01:24.17]This book is too difficult for me to understand.[01:29.91]This book is not easy enough for me to understand.[01:35.97]B Talking[01:40.13]Have you finished your book yet?No,not yet.I've just started it.[01:47.57]I finished mine yesterday.[01:51.93]Why did you read it so quickly?It's because it was so exciting.[01:59.09]I read it quickly to find our the ending.[02:04.37]C Story time[02:09.23]Sally was a poor milkmaid.She worked on her father's farm.[02:16.67]Her father was always angry about something.[02:21.24]he asked Sally angrily.[02:25.01]"Yes,I have,Father." replied Sally."Have you cleaned the buckets?"he asked.[02:34.25]"Yes,Father.I did that this morning."[02:39.61]"Have you taken the milk to the market yet?""No,I haven't"Sally said.[02:47.37]"I'm going to do that now.[02:51.42]"Sally picked up the buckets of milk and walked to the market slowly.[02:58.47]While she was walking, she was thinking about the future.[03:04.42]"I'll sell the milk and keep the money. I'll buy a sheep with the money.[03:10.30]The sheep will give me a lot of wool.[03:14.85]I'm make myself a lovely dress with the wool.[03:19.81]A handsome man will see me and he'll want to marry me.[03:25.87]I'll marry him and..." While Sally was day-dreaming.[03:32.35]She was not looking at the ground.[03:36.71]She put her foot into a hole and fell over.[03:42.07]The buckets of milk fell on the ground and broke.[03:47.42]Sally lost all her milk and had nothing.[03:52.70]The moral of this story is:Do not day-dream about the future.[04:00.25]Think about now.[04:04.32]E Denis Dragon[04:08.27]Denis,why are you wearing my clothes?I'm cold.You mustn't wear my clothes.[04:19.03]You'll tear them.I'm sorry.I shan't wear them again.I promise.[04:27.21]Thank you.I'll make you some clothes.[04:31.93]F A game[04:35.77]Play this board game in groups of five or six.[04:40.63]Trow a dice to find out how many squares you will move forward on the board.[04:48.50]Use the picture on the square to form a question for someone else.[04:55.76]If that person answers in correct English,it is then his turn.[05:03.41]If he does not answer correctly,the player throws again.[05:10.05]Have you written a letter today?[05:14.70]Yes,I have.Did you fly a kite last week?[05:21.36]No,I haven'tAre you going to play tennis tomorrow?Yes,I am.[05:29.72]word and expressions[05:33.48]find[05:35.52]v.找到[05:37.55]find out[05:39.77]弄清楚;了解[05:42.00]ending[05:44.18]n.结尾,结局[05:46.36]farm[05:48.29]n.农场[05:50.22]milkmaid[05:52.55]n.挤牛奶女工[05:54.87]bucket[05:56.70]n.桶,提桶[05:58.53]dream[06:00.52]n. v.梦,梦想[06:02.50]day-dream[06:04.93]白日梦[06:07.36]put...into[06:10.04]把......放进,使进入[06:12.72]sheep[06:14.69]n.羊;绵羊[06:16.66]wool[06:18.64]n.羊毛[06:20.63]handsome[06:22.90]a.漂亮的;清秀的(一般指男子)[06:25.18]marry[06:27.16]v.娶;嫁;和......结婚[06:29.15]move forward[06:31.52]向前移动[06:33.90]tear tore,torn[06:37.53]v.撕,扯[06:41.16]else[06:43.23]a.其它的,别的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180206/534607.html