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北师大版高中英语第四册课文朗读:4kw lesson 48

[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]Lesson 48 The New Australians[00:1.00]We interviewed some people who have emigrated to Australia and asked:[00:2.00]Is it all kangaroos and surfing?[00:3.00]Martin:"I must admit that before I came here,[00:4.00]I thought that Australia would be a rather dull place,you know,[00:5.00]all beach barbecues and surfing but no real culture.[00:6.00]I was surprised when I came to work at Systralia University.[00:7.00]There's a really lively cultural scene here.[00:8.00]Australia has produced some outstanding painters like Sidney Nolan[00:9.00]and world class writers like Patrick White and Peter Carey.[00:10.00]The film industry is pretty dynamic,too.[00:11.00]As well as famous actors like Mel Gibson and Nicole Kidman,[00:12.00]there are some innovative film directors such as Peter Weir and Bruce Beresford.[00:13.00]If you're looking for something to do at night in Sydney,[00:14.00]you'll find a wide choice of opera,classical concerts,Shakespearean drama,[00:15.00]Aboriginal culture,rock concerts,Broadway musicals,comedy,[00:16.00]and cabaretyou're spoilt for choice,really,[00:17.00]Of course,things are more limited if you live in a small town."[00:18.00]George:"Well,you won't see many kangaroos in Melbourne,[00:19.00]except maybe on the menu in a restaurant![00:20.00]They're great,really tasty,by the way![00:21.00]But it's true,most Australians live on the coast.[00:22.00]We're a beach culture,I suppose,and yes,surfing is popular.[00:23.00]Almost everybody lives in the big cities on the coast[00:24.00]because most of the country inland is desert and farmland.[00:25.00]Farming is mainly sheep farming.[00:26.00]Somebody once told me there were seven sheep for every Australian[00:27.00]that's a lot of sheep!Mining is also big here.[00:28.00]we're the world's biggest Greece in the 1980s in fact,[00:29.00]Melourne has one of the largest Greek communities outside Athens![00:30.00]One of the things we found hard t handle at first in Australia[00:31.00]was the feeling of being isolated.[00:32.00]Austraia is a long way from Europe![00:33.00]Flights take about twentyfour hours and they're not cheap either"[00:34.00]Julie:"Sure,surfing is part of the beach scene,[00:35.00]but it's not the main leisure sport.[00:36.00]Because the weather's so good,we're an outdoor people.[00:37.00]Bushwalking,fishing,horse riding,tennis,golf and sailing are all popular.[00:38.00]We take sport very seriously and we've produced great CRIcket and rugby teams,[00:39.00]Olympic swimmers and top cyclists.We're proud of our country.[00:40.00]There are loads of really spectacular placees to see in Australia.[00:41.00]The Great Barier Reef is the biggest structure on Earth made by living things.[00:42.00]Then there's the outback.[00:43.00]That's the desert and semidesert area in the middle of the country.[00:44.00]It's a great place for trekking,or what we call bushwalking,[00:45.00]and you can see some amazing animalskoalas,emus,platypuses,echidnas,[00:46.00]possums,dingos and kangaroos,of course![00:47.00]One of the mst interesting places to visit is Uluru,[00:48.00]which we used to call Ayers Rock.[00:49.00]It's really impressive at sunrise when the red rock changes colour,[00:50.00]By the way,if you travel in Australia by car,take care on the roads.[00:51.00]Most of them are in pretty poor condition[00:52.00]and then there are the road trainshuge trucks with two or three trailers.[00:53.00]And look out for snakes and spiders[00:54.00]Australia has the most poisonous collection in the whole world!"[00:55.00]Fiona:"There's definitely much more to Australia than kangaroos and surfing![00:56.00]When we came to Australia from Scoatland,over ten years ago.[00:57.00]we soon realised that Australian culture is a marvellous mixture[00:58.00]of many different cultures.[00:59.00]Apart from the early AngloIrish settlers,[1:00.00]since 1945 the population has become more cosmoolitan,[1:1.00]with immigrants from Italy,Greece,Yugoslavia,Turkey,Thailand,Vietnam and Cambodia.[1:2.00]You can see all these influences in modern Australian cooking.[1:3.00]We call it "fusion food"[1:4.00]a brilliant mixture of delicious Mediterranean flavours,[1:5.00]Southeast Asian spices and native Australia though.[1:6.00]That's the way the native Australians,the Aborigines,have been treated.[1:7.00]They now make up less than 1.% of the population.[1:8.00]The new Australians took all their land and left them with virturally nothing.[1:9.00]Most Aborigines live in deplorable conditions,[1:10.00]while the rest of us are quite welloff.And they seem to be invisible.[1:11.00]For example,you never see Aborigines in TV adverts.[1:12.00]The "typical Australian is always blonde and blueeyed.[1:13.00]I think that's unfair.[1:14.00]The goverment is trying to improve things,but it seems a bit late. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180206/534601.html