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北师大版高中英语第四册课文朗读:4kwliterature spot 4

[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]Literature Spot 4[00:1.00]Read and listen to they story.[00:2.00]KINO WAS A POOR PEARL DIVER[00:3.00]One day his baby was stung by a scorpion.[00:4.00]so he took the baby to the doctor,But Kino didn't have any money.[00:5.00]He only had some very poor quality pearls.[00:6.00]The doctor didn't want to treat the baby.[00:7.00]so the doctor's servant lied to Kino:' The doctor has gone out"[00:8.00]That day,Kino went diving for pearls.[00:9.00]When he was diving he saw a very large oyster.[00:10.00]He swam down and down and picked up the oyster.Then he came to the surface.[00:11.00]He took his knife and opened the shell of the oyster.[00:12.00]Inside,there was an enormous and beautiful pearlthe greatest pearl in the world![00:13.00]Kino and his wife Juana were very happy.[00:14.00]Now they would have enough money to educate their son[00:15.00]and maybe buy new clothes and even a rifle.[00:16.00]The news of the pearl spread through the town very quickly.[00:17.00]That evening,lots of neighbours came to their house[00:18.00]and they talked about what Kino and Juana could do with the money.[00:19.00]The doctor and his servant also came to the house,[00:20.00]because they had also heard about the pearl.[00:21.00]The doctor made Kino and Juana afraid about the scorpion sting.[00:22.00]He gave the baby medicine,which he said would save him.[00:23.00]The doctor looked around the house,[00:24.00]because he knew that the pearl would be hidden somewhere there.[00:25.00]In the middle of the night,[00:26.00]while Kino and his family were sleeping.Kino suddenly heard a noise.[00:27.00]Someone was trying to get the pearl!In the darkness.[00:28.00]Kino jumped up with his knife but someone hit him on the head and ran away.[00:29.00]The next morning he took the pearl to the pearl dealers in the main square of the town.[00:30.00]There were many dealers but they all worked for one man[00:31.00]and they always gave he divers the lowest possible price for their pearls.[00:32.00]Kino went to different dealers but they all said that the pearl was too big[00:33.00]and ugly and that it wasn't worth more than,1500 pesos.[00:34.00]Kino was very angry,He decided to go to the capital city[00:35.00]because he knew that the pearl was very valuable.[00:36.00]But that night someone attacked him outside his house.[00:37.00]Juana said that the pearl was evil and that it was going to destroy them.[00:38.00]She tried to throw the pearl into the sea.[00:39.00]but Kino stopped her.[00:40.00]Soon afterwards,he was attacked in the darkness by a group of men.[00:41.00]He defended himself with his knife and killed one of the men.[00:42.00]Kino and Juana knew that they had to get away from the town[00:43.00]but someone had mede a hole in the bottom of their canoe,[00:44.00]so they couldn't go by sea.[00:45.00]When they went back to their house they found it in flames.[00:46.00]That day,they hid in Kino's brother's house.[00:47.00]When night came,Juana and Kino started to walk towards the mountains,[00:48.00]They carried the baby with them.[00:49.00]Kino was still determined to sell the pearl and kept making plans about the future.[00:50.00]During the day,they found a place to hide.[00:51.00]They were resting when they saw that three hunters were following them.[00:52.00]They hid a nd stayed very quiet until the hunters had gone past.[00:53.00]Then they ran to the mountains.[00:54.00]High in the mountains,they found a stream and a waterfall.[00:55.00]They drank water and then decided to hide in one of the caves under the waterfall.[00:56.00]That evening,the hunters arrived and camped next to the waterfall.[00:57.00]Juana had difficutly keeping the baby quiet.[00:58.00]so Kino decided to go down and try to kill the men.[00:59.00]He was just about to attack them,when the hunters heard the baby.[1:00.00]They thought that it was a coyote.[1:1.00]A man fired his rifle just as Kino attacked.[1:2.00]Kino then took the man's rifle and killed the other men.[1:3.00]But stddenly everything went very quiet and Kino Knew that something was dead![1:4.00]He had been hit by the first rifle shot.[1:5.00]Kino and Juana walked back to the town carrying the body of their dead baby.[1:6.00]They walked slowly.[1:7.00]The people came out to meet them but Kino and Juana ignored everybody.[1:8.00]They walked towards the sea.Kino tookk out the pearl.[1:9.00]It was grey and ugly,and in the pearl he could see evil faces.[1:10.00]He offered the pearl to Juana but she said softly:'No you.'[1:11.00]Kino tookk the pearl and threw it into the water.[1:12.00]It dropped to the bottom and settled near some plants.[1:13.00]A crab climbed over it and it was covered with sand.The pearl had disappeared. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180206/534600.html