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北师大版高中英语第三册课文朗读: lesson 36

[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]lesson 36 Car Culture[00:1.00]The Road to Bestruction[00:2.00]Jasper Stevens looks at our addiction to cars.[00:3.00]"This morning it took me forty minutes to get to work.[00:4.00]More roadworks on the A 10![00:5.00]More of those awful traffic cones."[00:6.00]"Oh really?It took me over an hour.There was an accident on the M 11."[00:7.00]"You're both lucky.It took me two hours!You don't have to use the M25."[00:8.00]How often have you heard these conversations?[00:9.00]How often do we get stuck in traffic jams?[00:10.00]How often do we arrive at work or school stressed out,tired and angry?[00:11.00]For many people in Britain,the answer is every day.[00:12.00]But anger and stress are nothing compared to the real costs of the motor car.[00:13.00]Here are some figures:[00:14.00]In the last ten years,[00:15.00]the number of cars on the roads in Britain has gone up by 30%.[00:16.00]There are now 25 million cars in this country.[00:17.00]Over three thousand people die every year in road accidents in Britain.[00:18.00]In London,cars produce 99% of all carbon monoxide in the atmosphere.[00:19.00]Traffic produces ozone which can reach dangerous levels in the summer.[00:20.00]Twentyfive thousand deaths per year are caused by air pollution.[00:21.00]One in seven children in Britain suffers from asthma.[00:22.00]Some types of cancer are related to traffic pollution.[00:23.00]Traffic is one of the major causes of global warming and climate change.[00:24.00]We know that cars bad for us.[00:25.00]So why do we carry on using our cars so much?[00:26.00]We all make excuses:"The buses are terrible."[00:27.00]"The trains are always late!""I haven't got time to walk."[00:28.00]I'm talking about myself,too.[00:29.00]I confess:I'm addicted to my car.[00:30.00]When I asked Jenny Trowe of Greenpeace for advice about how to give up,[00:31.00]she told me six things:[00:32.00]1 Use your legs.[00:33.00]Over 25% of car journeys are under two miles[00:34.00]short journeys we could easily walk or cycle.[00:35.00]Leg power can save you money,keep you fit and help you live longer.[00:36.00]And regular exercise cuts the risk of heart disease by 50%![00:37.00]2 Use public transport.[00:38.00]On average,about forty people travel in one bus,[00:39.00]while the same number occupy thirtythree cars.[00:40.00]Somethimes it can take a little bit longer,but so what?[00:41.00]You can relax on the bus or train,read a book,talk to someone,[00:42.00]meet the love of you lifewho knows?[00:43.00]3 Think before you go.[00:44.00]Do you really have to go to that shopping centre on the other side of town?[00:45.00]What about the shops around the corner?[00:46.00]Before you get into your car,[00:47.00]think about whether you really need to make that journey.[00:48.00]4 Share cars.[00:49.00]If you've really got ot use a car,share journeys with someone else.[00:50.00]It is much cheaer and kinder to the environment.[00:51.00]5 Don't believe adverts![00:52.00]Nearly a quarter of all the adverts on TV are about cars.[00:53.00]You see an attractive man or woman driving a fast car through beautiful countryside.[00:54.00]It's not true![00:55.00]That new car won't make you sexier or more attractive.[00:56.00]And you won't be driving on an empty country road.[00:57.00]You'll be stuck in a traffic jam in city or on a motorway![00:58.00]6 Take action![00:59.00]We often think there is nothing we can do about the noise,[1:00.00]pollution and danger of traffic.[1:1.00]There is.If your street's full of heavy traffic,talk to your neighbours about it.[1:2.00]Write to the papers.[1:3.00]Go to the town council.Ask for a speed limit.[1:4.00]Ask for a zebra crossing or a pedestrin area.[1:5.00]Get a protest group together.[1:6.00]Don't just sit around and complain![1:7.00]All quite simple,isn't it?[1:8.00]Six easy ways to improve our environment.[1:9.00]Well,I'm sorry I must finish this article.[1:10.00]I've got to pick up my daughter from school at four o'clock.[1:11.00]Then I've got to drive to Sainsbury's to do the shopping.[1:12.00]After that I have to take my son to a party.[1:13.00]And tomorrow we're driving over to see my mother.[1:14.00]The traffic's going to be awful,but what can we do? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180206/534597.html