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北师大版高中英语第三册课文朗读:literature spot3

[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]Literature Spot 3[00:1.00]Frankenstein[00:2.00]Read and listen to the story.Are these sentences true(T)or false(F)[00:3.00]My name is Captain Walton.[00:4.00]Wy ship was exploring the Arctic when we found a man on a piece of floating ice.[00:5.00]He was called Victor Frankenstein.[00:6.00]One night,he told me a strange tale.[00:7.00]"My dear captain.how shall I begin?I grew up near Geneva.[00:8.00]I was a happy child.[00:9.00]My parents had two other sons,Ernest and William,[00:10.00]and they took in an orphan,Elizabeth.[00:11.00]When I was seventeen,I went to the University of Ingolstadt.[00:12.00]A professor there inspred me to study chemistry.[00:13.00]This changed my life as I became obsessed with the search for the secrer of life.[00:14.00]I worked day and night for two years and,finally,I found the secret.[00:15.00]To test my discovery,I decided to create a new life in the laboratory.[00:16.00]I collected parts of bodies and,after two years,[00:17.00]I was ready to bring my creature to life.[00:18.00]But when I saw the monster I had created,I felt horror and disgust.[00:19.00]How can I desCRIbe the monster?[00:20.00]You could see the muscles under his thin,yellow skin.[00:21.00]His hair was long and black,[00:22.00]his teeth were pearly white,but his eyes were watery and his lips black.[00:23.00]When my friend Henry Clerval arrived,I said nothing about the monster,[00:24.00]which by now had left my house.[00:25.00]Henry brought news of my family.[00:26.00]They were well and had taken in a servant called Justine.[00:27.00]Imagine my shock when a letter arrived from my father[00:28.00]my young brother Willian had been murdered![00:29.00]I went to my parents'house.[00:30.00]Just before I got there,I saw the monster running through the trees.[00:31.00]I realised the monster I had created had killed my brother![00:32.00]When I got to the house,I was horrified to discover that Justine,[00:33.00]who had been found near the scene of the CRIme,but could say nothing.[00:34.00]I knew she was innocent,but could say nothing.[00:35.00]She was hanged.[00:36.00]Soon afterwards.While I was spending some time alone in the mountains,[00:37.00]I met my evil creation again.[00:38.00]The monster begged me to listen to his story.[00:39.00]This is what he said:[00:40.00]When I left your house,[00:41.00]I came across a cottage and lived secretly in the barn watching an old,[00:42.00]blind man and his children.[00:43.00]I learned how to speak and I realised how miserable I was.[00:44.00]I had no family,no memories,no childhood.[00:45.00]One day,I decided to speak to the old man.[00:46.00]He was kind and couldn't see my ugly body.[00:47.00]But as soon as his children returned,[00:48.00]they screamed and hit me with sticks.[00:49.00]I ran away.[00:50.00]On one occasion,I saved a girl from drowning in a river,[00:51.00]but when her frined saw me he fired a gun at me.[00:52.00]This was the reward of kindness.[00:53.00]I promised eternal hatred and revenge on mankind.[00:54.00]My first victim was your young brother.[00:55.00]But now I want nothing more than a companion.[00:56.00]I want you to make me a female companion[00:57.00]and we will live together far away from all humans,I promise.'[00:58.00]I agreed to his demand,though the idea was terrible to me.[00:59.00]When I returned home,my father mentioned his wish for me to marry Elizabeth.[1:00.00]whom I loved dearly.[1:1.00]But before the marriage,I needed to go to England to complete my work.[1:2.00]Henry came with me to England and,eventually.[1:3.00]I completed my second creation.[1:4.00]As I was bringing her to life,[1:5.00]I began to have serious doubts about what I was doing.[1:6.00]But,suddenly,MY MONSTER ARRIVED.[1:7.00]He said,"You are my creator,but I am your master!"[1:8.00]In my confusion,I broke her body into pieces.[1:9.00]The monster left,saying,'I will be with you on your wedding night!"[1:10.00]The next day the police arrested me.[1:11.00]I was accused of the murder of a young man.[1:12.00]They showed me the bodyit was my friend Henry![1:13.00]My monster had claimed his third victim.[1:14.00]They put me in prison,but,in the end,I was proved innocent.[1:15.00]I was haunted by what the monster had said about my wedding night[1:16.00]and I wanted to destroy him.[1:17.00]On our weeding night,I was checking for the monster outside when I heard screams.[1:18.00]I ran upstairs,only to find Elizabeth dead![1:19.00]The monster was at the window.[1:20.00]He laughed before he ran off into the night.[1:21.00]The destruction of the monster was now my only aim.[1:22.00]I followed him all over the Earththe Mediterranean,[1:23.00]the Black Sea,Russiabut he always escaped.[1:24.00]He went north.[1:25.00]I followed him to the frozen wastes of the Arctic,but he was one step ahead.[1:26.00]I was drifting on a piece of broken ice when,dear captain,you found me.[1:27.00]I am dying.Please believe my tale[1:28.00]and promise me you will do all you can to kill this monster."[1:29.00]Those were his last words.[1:30.00]He died in my cabin.[1:31.00]I went out and then I heard strange noises.[1:32.00]When I returned to my cabin I saw the monster,a horrible creature,[1:33.00]kneeling next to Frankenstein and crying.[1:34.00]He told me how miserable he had been and how guilty he felt.[1:35.00]He wanted to die and assured out of the cabin window onto the ice[1:36.00]and was taken away by the waves into the darkness. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180206/534596.html