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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]Unit 7.I'm as happy as a bird[00:07.50]A.Let's read[00:11.44]1.One day, the children went to the library.[00:17.40]Peter, Anne and Sue looked at the books.[00:21.84]Ken looked at the other people there.[00:26.49]2.Ken spoke to an old woman but she did not want any help.[00:33.25]I can carry your books for you.[00:37.33]No, thank you.[00:40.39]You're not as strong as I am.[00:44.46]3.Ken spoke to a young girl but she did not want any help.[00:51.83]I can get the book for you.[00:55.59]No, thanks.[00:58.75]You're not as tall as I am.[01:02.62]4.Ken looked at Peter's book but it was very difficult.[01:11.55]He could not understand it.[01:15.60]He looked sad.[01:19.15]I'm not as clever as you are, Peter.[01:23.23]Never mind, Ken.[01:27.17]Work hard and step by step you'll catch up with me and understand everything[01:34.93]You'll be happy.[01:38.17]5.Yes, that's right I'm as happy as a bird[01:45.53]E.Denis dragon1.Tim,am I the silliest one?[01:54.68]I can't read.[01:58.52]2.What can Tim say or do to make Denis happy again?[02:05.00]Words and expressions[02:13.25]as[02:14.67]像...一样[02:16.10]as...as...[02:17.78]与...一样[02:19.47]not as (so) ...as...[02:21.60]与...不一样[02:23.73]difficult[02:25.25]困难的[02:26.78] understand[02:28.40]懂;明白[02:30.02]sad[02:31.39]伤心的[02:32.76]mind[02:34.14]介意;注意[02:35.51]Never mind.[02:36.98]没关系[02:38.46]step by step[02:40.24]一步一步地[02:42.01]catch up with...[02:43.49]赶上...[02:44.96]friendly[02:46.39]友好的[02:47.81]one of the best students[02:49.94]最好的学生之一[02:52.07]brave[02:53.45]勇敢的[02:54.84]quiet[02:56.37]安静的[02:57.89]camel[02:59.27]骆驼[03:00.64]bull[03:01.92]公牛[03:03.20]fox[03:04.57]狐狸[03:05.94]make sb. happy[03:07.91]使某人高兴[03:09.88]Unit 8.Revision[03:25.82]B.TalkingLet's have a drink.[03:31.77]You always want a drink.All right.[03:37.34]I can drink quickly.[03:41.10]Can you drink quickly,Anne?[03:44.76]No,I can't...Don't make a noise,Ken.Drink quietly.[03:52.52]I'm not making a noise The coke is making a noise.[03:58.89]C.Story timeThe animals' party[04:05.55]"Let's have a party,"the monkey said to the animals.[04:14.48]"Yes, yes!" the animals said.[04:19.53]The animals often had parties.[04:23.97]They liked parties.[04:27.52]All the animals came to the party.[04:31.67]They sang loudly.[04:35.33]The monkey danced.[04:38.67]He danced very well.[04:42.31]The camel said, "I can dance, too. "[04:47.63]He danced badly.He fell down.[04:52.70]The animals laughed at him.[04:55.94]The camel was very sade wise old lion spoke to him.[05:02.71]"What's your weight.nCamel?"[05:06.96]"I'm 300 kilogrammes,"the camel said sadly.[05:13.13]"You're very heavy, my friend.[05:17.60]Monkeys are very light[05:21.75]They can dance.[05:25.20]Birds have wings.[05:28.86]They can fly.Camels are very strong[05:35.83]They can carry men across the desert.[05:40.87]"The story tells us: We can all do something[05:46.93]Well but no one can do everything well.[05:51.50]Unit 8 Revision[06:33.14]D.Tongue twisterBetty's baby's name is Bobby.[06:39.70]Baby Bobby is a fat boy.[06:43.96]Bobby is Betty's lovely fat baby.[06:48.71]Betty loves her fat baby Bobby.[06:53.15]F.Read the following[06:57.62]1.a cup of tea.[07:01.88]2. an English book[07:05.53]3.Stand up please.[07:09.58]4. Look at me.[07:13.55]5.It's time to get up.[07:19.30]6.Put up your hands.[07:24.66]7.Not at all.[07:29.52]8. Read it, please.[07:34.69]9. Good evening,everybody.[07:40.54]10. I'll be back in half an hour.[07:46.21]Words and expressions[07:50.75]have a drink[07:52.39]喝水(饮料)[07:54.02]animal[07:55.30]动物[07:56.58]party[07:58.05]聚会;党派(大写)[07:59.53]have a party[08:01.41]举行一个聚会[08:03.29]fall down[08:05.17]倒下[08:07.05]laugh at[08:08.83]嘲笑某人[08:10.61]badly[08:12.03]恶劣地,糟糕地[08:13.45]wise[08:14.88]聪明的;有见识的[08:16.30]light[08:17.88]轻的,亮的[08:19.46]wing[08:20.74]翼,翅膀[08:22.02]across[08:23.54]横过,穿过[08:25.05]desert[08:26.42]沙漠[08:27.79]everything[08:29.32]每件事[08:30.85]tongue twister[08:38.18]绕口令 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180203/533775.html