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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]9. What are you going to do, Anne?[00:18.60]A.Let's read[00:22.52]1.Yesterday was a holiday.[00:27.06]Anne was at home.[00:30.33]What are you going to do, Anne?[00:34.87]Are you going out?[00:38.53]Yes,I am.[00:41.69]2.Anne walked down the stairs.[00:47.02]Ken ran after her.[00:50.47]Wait for me, Anne. Are you going to play with Sue?[00:56.40]No, I'm not.[01:00.63]3.Anne walked along the street.[01:07.79]Ken followed her.[01:11.13]He wanted to go with her.[01:15.08]Are you going to see a film?[01:19.93]No, I'm not.[01:23.57]4.Anne and Ken went into a shop.[01:28.71]Are you going to buy something?[01:33.75]What are you going to buy?[01:37.80]I'm going to buy some sweets.[01:42.06]5.Ken was excited.[01:46.50]Are you going to buy something for me?[01:50.45]Yes,I am. Close your eyes.[01:55.30]6.Anne put a huge sweet in Ken's mouth. It was very large.[02:03.53]Ken could not speak.[02:06.98]E.Denis Dragon[02:15.84]1.When are you going home and who are you going to meet?[02:21.98]I'm going home tomorrow morning.[02:27.72]I'm going to meet my parents, brothers and sisters.[02:34.67]2.Can I play with your brothers and sisters?[02:39.92]Yes, of course.[02:44.57]3.Tim is going to play with Denis's brothers and sisters[02:50.92]He feels very happy.[02:54.76]Denis family are pleased to meet him.[02:59.93]4.Are we going to eat, Denis? Yes.[03:05.97]5.Sit here and help ourself, please.[03:11.53]6.How do you like the meal?[03:15.87]Delicious! Thank you.[03:20.70]Words and expressions[03:25.06]stairs[03:26.64]n. 楼梯[03:28.22]walk down the stairs[03:30.19]走下楼[03:32.17]*along[03:33.75]prep.沿着[03:35.33]walk along the street[03:37.20]沿街走[03:39.06]*follow [03:40.49] v.跟随,听从[03:41.91]so...that...[03:43.63]如此...以致...[03:45.36]*meet[03:46.68] v.会见,遇见[03:48.00]*cross[03:49.42] v.穿过,越过[03:50.84]cross the road[03:52.53]过马路[03:54.21]newspaper[03:55.78] n.报纸[03:57.35]visit[03:58.72] v.拜访[04:00.09]present[04:01.52] n.礼物[04:02.94]be pleased to...[04:04.56]高兴...,乐于...[04:06.18]help oneself[04:07.94]请某人随意(吃)[04:09.70]delicious[04:11.13]a. 美味的[04:12.55]take off[04:14.17]脱下[04:15.79]perhaps [04:17.21]ad.或许 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180202/533485.html