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北师大版高中英语第一册课文朗读:1a 1

[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]Senior High English[00:1.00]Unit 1 Lifes styles[00:2.00]1 A Perfect Day?[00:3.00]A Couch potato[00:4.00]forty-three-year-old[00:5.00]Brian Blakey from Birmingham is sitting on his sofa[00:6.00]and telling me about his perfect day.[00:7.00]When I wake up I dont'ger up immediately.[00:8.00]I turn in he television[00:9.00]and watch the children's programmes and old movies until about half-past ten.[00:10.00]Then I get up,[00:11.00]go downstairs and switch on the telly in the living room.[00:12.00]For lunch,I have biscuits and a glass of milk,[00:13.00]and I watch the the news.[00:14.00]In the afternoon,[00:15.00]I often watch another old film-they're showing some good ones at the moment.[00:16.00]In the evenings,I often watch soap operas or sport and the news again.[00:17.00]I like the main news at six o'clock.[00:18.00]At nine thirty,if there is a good play in BBC 2,[00:19.00]I switch over and watch it.[00:20.00]Then at night I watch more films and I usually switch off the telly [00:21.00]at about two o'clock.[00:22.00]I never watch the TV all night.[00:23.00]I watch TV for sixteen or seventeen hours a day.[00:24.00]I also do some exercise every day.[00:25.00]I take Tina,the dog ,for a walk every afternoon .[00:26.00]I don't go far,of course.[00:27.00]I walk to the garden wall.[00:28.00]I always take my portable telly[00:29.00]and I sit on the stone wall while the dog walks round in a circle.[00:30.00]Of course,I couldn't live this lifestyle without a good wife.[00:31.00]She's not here now because she's working,[00:32.00]but she always makes my meals.[00:33.00]We haven't got much money,you know,but we're happy.[00:34.00]Sit down and watch the telly.[00:35.00]Here's the remote control.[00:36.00]You've got the world at your feet.[00:37.00]And in your hand .Great![00:38.00]A workaholic[00:39.00]Thirty-six-year-old Bob Black is sitting at his desk[00:40.00]and working his way through his paperwork.[00:41.00]I normally,wake up about five minutes before my alarm clock goes off.[00:42.00]As soon as I hear my alarm clock,I jump out of my bed.[00:43.00]It takes me less than fifteen minutes to wash,[00:44.00]get changed,have breakfast,leave home and get on a bus.[00:45.00]I am always the first person get to the office.[00:46.00]The mornings are always very busy and the afternoons are even busier![00:47.00]Meetings and appointments take up a large part of the day.[00:48.00]Every minute of the day is filled with urgent matters.[00:49.00]By around eight o'clock[00:50.00]I usually find some time to do my own paperwork[00:51.00]and answer some personal e-mails.[00:52.00]When I get home at about ten,[00:53.00]I look at some documents that I bring back from the office[00:54.00]so that I can be ready for the next day's work.[00:55.00]I get to bed around midnight[00:56.00]when my wife and children are already asleep.[00:57.00]I seldom have time for fun and other leisure activities with my family.[00:58.00]My family complains about it.[00:59.00]But I try to work hard so that I can make more money for them.[1:00.00]Besides I get bored if there's nothing go do[1:1.00]and I like being busy and being challenged.[1:2.00]Lesson 4 City and Country[1:3.00]Debbie is an accountant at a large firm in the centre of London.[1:4.00]I need to be in my office by nine o'clock [1:5.00]so I usually ge up at seven o'clock.[1:6.00]I commute to work on 'the tube'.[1:7.00](That's what people call the underground railway system in London.)[1:8.00]It takes about fifty minutes,[1:9.00]Usually it's so crowded that i can't find anywhere to sit,[1:10.00]I just stand.I'm always tired before I arrive at work .[1:11.00]I don't like the rube ![1:12.00]I spend all morning adding up numbers and checking accounts.[1:13.00]Lunch is always simple.[1:14.00]I often grab a sandwich in a nearby sandwich shop [1:15.00]or I just have some biscuits and a cup of coffee.[1:16.00]Then in the afternoon I return to the paperwork in the office.[1:17.00]On Monday nights I attend dance clsses [1:18.00]and on Wednesday nights I go to the gym.[1:19.00]I need to do that because I dont's get enough exercise otherwise.[1:20.00]On Tuesday and Thursday nights I attend French classes.[1:21.00]I work for a French company[1:22.00]so I think studyign French will help me in my career.[1:23.00]I go to the cinema almost every weekend.[1:24.00]My friends call me a movie fanatic.[1:25.00]Sometimes,if the weather forecast is good,[1:26.00]my friends and I drive to the countryside for a weekend break.[1:27.00]We like to visit mice and quiet places far away from the city,[1:28.00]and go walking where are no shops,crowds or the tube.[1:29.00]Paul lives in a small village in the North of England.[1:30.00]I usually get up at four o'clock every morning when it's still dark.[1:31.00]I live and work on the farm so I don't need to commute.[1:32.00]After a big breakfast in my house,[1:33.00]I walk out of the front door and I'm already at work.[1:34.00]There are many things to do on the farm all day.[1:35.00]We don't have the same work hours that office workers in the city have.[1:36.00]We do jobs when they need to be done[1:37.00]and that could be early in the morning or late at night.[1:38.00]I have cows,sheep,pigs and chickens on my farm.[1:39.00]I also grow wheat and vegetables [1:40.00]so there are many things to look after.[1:41.00]In the evening,like to play with my children.[1:42.00]I have two children,a boy and a girl.[1:43.00]they are six and eight years old.[1:44.00]I also like to study.[1:45.00]Right now I am studying Chinese by distance learning.[1:46.00]I am very interested in China[1:47.00]and it's my dream to see the Great Wll one day.[1:48.00]I love movies.[1:49.00]My wife calls me a movie fanatic.[1:50.00]But there isn't a cinema in my village[1:51.00]so I don't get the chance to go very often.[1:52.00]I go about twice a year,[1:53.00]usually when I go to London with my family.[1:54.00]We take a weekend break there whenever we get the chance,[1:55.00]when I am not too busy on the farm.[1:56.00]My wife loves looking in the clothes shops[1:57.00]and I like all the crowds and the noise.[1:58.00]My son and daughter love to ride on London'sred buses[1:59.00]and they especially love to go on the tube! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180201/533091.html