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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]Unit 3. What shall I do?[00:04.78]A Let's read[00:09.35]Anne and Sue are coming out of school in a hurry.[00:15.10]Anne's purse falls on the ground.[00:19.85]They are going to catch the bus.[00:24.29]Now Anne has not any money.[00:28.53]What will she do?[00:31.69]Will she borrow some money from Sue?[00:36.23]Sue has not enough money for Anne.[00:41.09]She has only one yuan and fifty fen.[00:46.73]What shall I do?[00:50.08]I haven't got any money for the bus.[00:54.62]"I'm sorry, Anne."[00:58.07] "Never mind. I'll walk home."[01:02.51]Sue will not walk ith Anne.[01:06.35]She will be late.[01:09.90]A boy comes up to the girls.[01:14.27]He has Anne's purse.[01:18.03]"Is this your purse? "[01:21.87]"Yes, it's mine."[01:25.63]"Thank you very much."[01:29.29]"You're welcome."[01:32.34]C Fun time[01:36.29]Talk about the future.[01:40.13]In teams, ask and answer questions.[01:45.87]Benny, I'm late. What shall I do?[01:51.15]Go by taxi.Jane, I'm hungry.[01:56.72]What shall I do?[02:00.37]Eat some noodles.[02:03.82]Use these words[02:07.87]too fat[02:11.03]too thin[02:13.98]tired[02:17.22]thirsty ill[02:21.17]cold[02:24.12]E Denis Dragon[02:28.87]What will Denis look like in the year 2020?[02:35.64]He will have a long beard.[02:39.79]He will be thinner.[02:42.95]His back will hurt.[02:46.50]He will have no hair.[02:50.45]What else?[02:53.82]F Let's sing[02:58.18]What shall we do with the hungry sailor?Make his breakfast now[03:17.64]What shall we do with the seasick sailor?Put him on land now.[03:32.82]What shall we do with the lonely sailor?Find him a friend now.[03:47.66]What shall we do with the lazy sailor?Send him back home now[04:02.34]Words and expressions[04:07.30]come out of[04:08.92]从..中出来[04:10.54]hurry[04:12.16]仓促[04:13.78]in a hurry[04:15.20]仓促地[04:16.63]come up(to..)[04:18.40]朝..走来[04:20.18]future[04:21.62]将来[04:23.05]thirsty[04:24.72]口喝的,渴望的[04:26.40]beard[04:27.87]胡须[04:29.35]back[04:30.88]背部[04:32.40]else[04:33.88]其它;另外[04:35.36]shall[04:36.98]将要,会[04:38.60]will[wil][04:39.98]将要,会[04:41.36]seasick[04:42.98]晕船的[04:44.60]on land[04:46.18]登陆,着陆[04:47.76]lonely[04:49.40]寂寞的[04:51.03]send sent[04:53.21]送;派;发[04:55.39]send sb.home[04:57.36]送某人回家[04:59.34]Unit 4. Tomorrow will be wet and cold[05:06.42]A Let's read[05:10.57]Ken is a middle school student now.[05:15.53]He hates going to school.[05:19.48]He is often in trouble.[05:23.32]Yesterday, he listened to the weather forecast.[05:28.67]"Tomorrow will be wet and cold," the weatherman said.[05:34.52]"There will be strong winds." Ken ran into the kitchen happily.[05:41.08]"There'll be a typhoon tomorrow," he said to his sister.[05:46.85]"There'll be no school. I'll stay at home."[05:52.00]His sister laughed.[05:55.87]"There won't be a typhoon, Ken," she said.[06:00.72]"There'll just be rain and strong winds."[06:05.37]"I'll get wet!" Ken argued.[06:09.63]"No, you won't," his sister said.[06:14.10]"Mummy will take you to school in the car." Ken smiled.[06:20.34]He likes going to places in the car.[06:25.20]Even to school![06:28.75]C Fun time[06:32.80]Look at this weather chart.[06:36.75]Take it in turn to give a weather forecast.[06:42.21]Sunday Morning fine night cool[06:48.87]Monday Morning fine night[06:54.93]cold Tuesday Morning windy night cold[07:02.30]Wednesday Morning warm night cold[07:08.85]Thursday Morning sunny night stormy[07:15.41]Friday Morning cold[07:20.27]night windy Saturday[07:24.81]Morning cool night wet[07:30.38]Monday morning will be fine.[07:34.82]Friday night will be windy.[07:39.18]E Denis Dragon[07:43.54]Denis does not want to grow old.[07:49.11]He wants to be young.[07:52.95]I'll be old and slow[07:59.29]I'll be sad. No one will visit me.[08:05.56]Nonsense, Denis.[08:09.69]You'll be strong and wise.[08:14.42]Everyone will visit you[08:18.39]Thank you,Tim.[08:33.54]Words and expressions[08:38.58]hate[heit][08:40.16]恨;憎恨[08:41.74]hate doing sth[08:43.62]讨厌做某事[08:45.51]often[08:46.93]经常[08:48.35]trouble[08:49.67]烦恼[08:50.99]in trouble[08:52.47]处于困境之中[08:53.94]forecast[08:55.82]预测,预报[08:57.70]the weather forecast[08:59.38]天气预报[09:01.05]no school[09:02.63]不上课[09:04.21]stay at home[09:06.02]回家[09:07.84]just[09:09.42]仅仅[09:11.00]argue['a:gju:][09:12.42]争论[09:13.85]won't[09:15.43]=will not[09:17.01]smile[smail][09:18.43]微笑[09:19.86]even[09:21.38]甚至..也[09:22.91]stormy[09:24.53]有暴风雨;多风暴的[09:26.15]nonsense[09:27.88]胡说;胡闹[09:29.60]wise[09:31.18]聪明的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180131/532922.html