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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]Unit 11.[00:03.58]How do you make a scrapbook?[00:09.04]A.Let's read[00:13.11]1.Sue had a big scrapbook.[00:18.26]She made it from brown paper.[00:22.20]She cut pictures from magazines.[00:26.75]She pasted them into her scrapbook.[00:31.29]She had a very good collection of pictures[00:36.26]How do you make a scrapbook,Sue?[00:40.83]2.Take a large piece of brown paper[00:46.58]Fold it in half.[00:49.84]What do I do next?[00:53.97]Fold it in half again.Right.[00:59.30]What do I do next?[01:02.85]3.Fold it in half again and cut along the folds.[01:09.93]How do I do that?[01:13.27]Use these scissors.[01:16.75]4.Now staple it.[01:21.29]How do I staple it?[01:24.95]Use this stapler.[01:28.40]5.Anne drew a picture on the cover.[01:34.17]She wrote the word"Scrapbook"and her name.Good.[01:40.94]The front page is the cover.[01:45.01]E.Denis DragonOne day, Denis read a puzzle book.[01:53.35]He made a puzzle.He took a piece of card.[01:59.28]He drew six straight lines across it.[02:03.85]He used a ruler.[02:07.32]He cut along the lines with a pair of scissors.[02:12.47]"Make the square again," said the book.[02:17.43]He could not do it.[02:21.19]Words and expressions[02:27.36]scrapbook[02:28.94] 剪贴本[02:30.52]make sth. from...[02:32.54] 由...做成某物[02:34.57]magazine[02:36.08] 杂志[02:37.60]collection[02:39.06] 收集[02:40.52]fold[02:41.85]折叠[02:43.19]in half[02:44.72]成两半[02:46.24]use[02:47.82]使用,用[02:49.40]staple[02:50.93](用钉书机)钉[02:52.46]stapler[02:53.83]钉书机[02:55.20]cover[02:56.63]封面[02:58.05]page[02:59.49]页[03:00.92]puzzle[03:02.30](智力测验的)游戏,玩具;[03:03.67]a puzzle book[03:05.30]谜语书[03:06.93]make a puzzle[03:08.55]同一道难题[03:10.17]card[03:11.54]卡片,纸片[03:12.91]straight[03:14.43] 直的[03:15.94]a straight line[03:17.67]一条直线[03:19.39]Unit 12.[03:34.86]You're good at drawing, Anne[03:39.72]A.Let's read[03:43.56]It was Sunday.[03:46.51]The children were at Anne's home.[03:50.35]"Let's go skating,"Ken said.[03:54.79]"You aren't good at skating," Peter said."[04:00.04]You always fall over.[04:03.80]"I don't like skating," said Sue.[04:08.66]"I like swimming."[04:11.82]Sue was good at swimming.[04:15.48]She was good at diving, too.[04:19.63]"What do you like doing, Peter?"Anne asked.[04:24.78]"I like reading,"said Peter.[04:28.75]"I'm not going to read today. " Anne said.[04:33.61]"Let's draw pictures.I like drawing. "[04:38.57]"You do quite well in drawing, Anne," Sue said.[04:45.13]"I'm not very good at it. "[04:49.28]"I like shopping," Ken said.[04:53.22]"Let's go shopping. "[04:56.70]That was a good idea.[05:00.04]All the children liked shopping.[05:03.99]They went out to the shops.[05:08.06]E.Denis Dragon[05:15.12]1.Tim was not happy.[05:18.67]He could not climb threes.[05:22.32]Look at me, Tim,I'm good at climbing trees[05:28.70]2.Look at me,Denis.[05:33.24]I'm good at running.[05:37.11]Words and expressions[05:44.37]be good at...[05:45.99]擅长...[05:47.61]skate[05:49.23]滑冰[05:50.85]go skating[05:52.59]去滑冰[05:54.32]fall over[05:56.00]摔倒[05:57.67]dive[05:59.29]跳水;潜水[06:00.91]do well in...[06:02.44]在...方面做得好[06:03.96]a good idea[06:11.34] 一个好主意 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180131/532920.html