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北师大版高中英语第一册课文朗读:1a 2

[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]Unit 2 Heroes[00:1.00]lesson 5 Modern Heroes[00:2.00]Yang Liwei returns safely to earth after 21 hours in space[00:3.00]China's first manned spaceship lifted off at 9 a.m.on Wednesday,[00:4.00]Octber 15th,2003 in Jiuquan,Gansu.[00:5.00]The spaceship,called shenchou V,[00:6.00]was carrying China's first astronaut,Yang Liwei.[00:7.00]Yang, who was a pilot in the army,[00:8.00]was chosen from 1500 other army pilots[00:9.00]and started training fot his historic space flight in 1998.[00:10.00]The launch went very smoothly,"When the spaceship was lifting off,[00:11.00]I could really feel the high gravity",sai Yang Liwei.[00:12.00]"When the spaceship separated from the rocket,[00:13.00]I usddenly got a feeling of soaring into the sky[00:14.00]because of the zero gravity."[00:15.00]During the 21-hour space flight,[00:16.00]the Shenzhou V cicled the earth 14 times,[00:17.00]While the spaceship wsa circling the earth for sixth time,[00:18.00]Yang Liwei spoke with ground control in Gansu Province.[00:19.00]He wsa also able to speak with his wife and 8-year-old son.[00:20.00]Yang Liwei had several talks to complete during the flight[00:21.00]and only slept in the space capsule for about 3 hours.[00:22.00]While he was sleeping,the spaceship circled the earth twice.[00:23.00]When the spaceship was doing its seventh circle,[00:24.00]Yang Liwei showed the flags of China and the United Nations,[00:25.00]expressing the wishes of the Chinese people [00:26.00]to exlpore and use space peacefully.[00:27.00]At 6:23 a.m.on October 16th,[00:28.00]Yang Liwei landed in Inner Mongolia safely.[00:29.00]He told reporters later,[00:30.00]'The surface of the spaceship was glowing red[00:31.00]When it came back into the earth's atmosphere.[00:32.00]When Shenzhou V released its parachute,[00:33.00]I felt the ship was shaking .'[00:34.00]As Yang Liwei returned into the earth's atmosphere,[00:35.00]helicopters were already flying to the landing site,[00:36.00]ready to collect him.[00:37.00]Millions of people all over China were watching TV[00:38.00]When the spaceship touched down safely.[00:39.00]When Ynag Liwei climbed out of the spaceship,[00:40.00]he smiled and waved to the crowds waiting for him.[00:41.00]Yang Liwei was happy to be home[00:42.00]but he said"I thought 21 hours was too short to stay in space.[00:43.00]lesson 7 Sports Stars[00:44.00]LAST WEEK,VENUS AND SERENA WILLIAMS[00:45.00]played each other in the final of a tennis tournament.[00:46.00]Venus is now eleventh in the world,[00:47.00]and her younger sister Serena has moved up to third.[00:48.00]The two sisters were born in a poor and dangerous area of California.[00:49.00]It was full of drugs and violence.[00:50.00]In a recent interview,[00:51.00]Venus spoke about the time when she and Serena [00:52.00]were practising on a local tennis court[00:53.00]and they had to run and hide [00:54.00]as bullets started flying through the air.[00:55.00]Finally,in 1991,[00:56.00]the sisters and their family moved to a safer arer[00:57.00]and since then they have never looked back.[00:58.00]The sisters'flther,Richard,[00:59.00]started to train Venus and Serena when they were young children.[1:00.00]He has always been very strict with his daughters,[1:1.00]training them hard to compete against each other .[1:2.00]Brandi,the sister's mother ,[1:3.00]home-schoolde her daughters[1:4.00]so that they completed their high school[1:5.00]without disrupting their tennis careers.[1:6.00]Today,both sisters are studying fashion[1:7.00]and interior design at college.[1:8.00]They have already expressed a keen interest in working in design[1:9.00]after their tennis careers come to an end.[1:10.00]The sisters'road to success has been astonishing .[1:11.00]The first time Venus played in a big tounament was in 1996.[1:12.00]Since then,she has won the Wimbledon and the US Open twice,[1:13.00]Serena has continued to improve and make fantastic progress.[1:14.00]In 1999 and 2002,she won the US Open,[1:15.00]and in 2002 and 2003[1:16.00]she was the women's singles champion at Wimbledon.[1:17.00]Has tennis ever caused problems between the sisters?[1:18.00]Fortunately,no.[1:19.00]When they put down their rackets,[1:20.00]they leave their tennis rivalry behind them.[1:21.00]'We've played each other before[1:22.00]and it hasn't worried us yet!says Venus .[1:23.00]'If she wins,'Serena jokes,'Mama says she has to do the dishes!'[1:24.00]lesson 8 Superhero[1:25.00]Not long ago.Christopher Reeve had everything.[1:26.00]He was a successful actor,famous for the Superman films.[1:27.00]But in 1996,when he appeared at Hollywood's Oscar ceremony,[1:28.00]he went in a wheelchair.[1:29.00]Disaster came in 1995 when he fell from his horse and broke his back.[1:30.00]The doctors did not expect him to live.[1:31.00]However,sice then he has made remarkable progress.[1:32.00]At first,he couldn't breathe without a machine,[1:33.00]but now he can breathe on his own.[1:34.00]His personal campaign to promote medical research is also impressive.[1:35.00]Christopher has made speeches all over the USA about his experiences.[1:36.00]This has encouraged a lot of people with all kinds of problems.[1:37.00]From their home,[1:38.00]Christopher and his wife Dana spoke about their life since the accident.[1:39.00]Did you suffer from depression after the accident?[1:40.00]'No.Four days the injury,I came to understand my situation.[1:41.00]Dana and I were in the hospital.[1:42.00]The doctor said I was not going to pull through.[1:43.00]Dnan said:"But you're still you,and I love you."[1:44.00]And that saved my life.Since that moment I have never thought of giving up.[1:45.00]Of course,I've had moments of feeling sorry for myself,[1:46.00]but I've never had any thoughts of committing suicide.'[1:47.00]Did you think that your marriage was so strong?[1:48.00]'Yes,because Dnan's so terrific.[1:49.00]We have always got on really well.[1:50.00]Our relationship has always been fantastic.'[1:51.00]How did your parents react to the accident?[1:52.00]'They divorced when I was four.[1:53.00]They've got closer since the accident.'[1:54.00]How did you pull through?[1:55.00]I know a lot of people with disabilities need my help.[1:56.00]This is how I got involved with my charity work to raise monty[1:57.00]for improving the quality of life for all disabled people.[1:58.00]With the progress of new medical research[1:59.00]I'm confident that people like me would be able to walk again one day.[2:00.00]So you can see,[2:1.00]I'm far too busy with living to think of giving up! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180131/532913.html