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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]Unit 5 A letter in a bottle[00:05.20]A Let's read[00:08.86]"Today is Sunday. What shall we do today?" asked Peter.[00:15.62]"Let's go to the beach "said Anne.[00:20.58]"That's a good idea,"said Peter,[00:25.05]"Let's go to Xiaomeisha."Peter, Anne and Sue went to Xiaomeisha by bus.[00:33.52]They went swimming in the sea.[00:37.46]Anne saw a bottle on he beach.[00:42.03]There was a letter inside it.[00:45.69]She opened the lid.[00:49.03]The letter said:[00:52.19]Hello!My name is Sandy.[00:56.87]I'm fourteen years old I live with my parents and my brother Joe.[01:05.02]I am older than my brother.[01:09.25]He is ten.[01:12.28]We are Canadians.[01:16.04]We are going to leave Shenzhen.[01:19.99]We are going to live in Canada.[01:23.96]I'm very sad.[01:27.41]I don't want to leave my Chinese friends here.[01:32.26]My parents must go back to Canada to work We have to go with them.[01:39.24]My brother is sitting on the teach now.[01:43.89]He is playing happily.[01:47.23]He is making a sand-castle.[01:51.39]He doesn't know about Canada.[01:55.23]He was com in China.[01:58.78]I feel very sad.[02:02.93]What shall I do?[02:06.09]Sandy[02:08.84]C Fun time[02:13.38]Take it in turn round the class to ask questions and make suggestions.[02:20.96]A: What shall we do?[02:24.30]B: Let's see a film.[02:27.85]C: That's a good idea.[02:31.51]Where shall we go?[02:34.67]D: Let's go to the Renmin Cinema.[02:39.53]Ask questions such as:[02:43.60]How shall we go?[02:46.77]When shall we go?[02:50.61]Who shall we go with?[02:54.76]Here are some places you can suggest:[02:59.51]the beach.[03:02.39]the safari Park[03:05.73]a market[03:08.97]Sea World[03:12.31]McDonald's[03:15.27]E Denis Dragon[03:19.11]This is Denis1 letter:[03:23.55]Hello!I am a dragon.[03:28.38]My name is Dinis.[03:32.92]I am ten years old.[03:36.87]My best friend is Tim .[03:42.01]He is as old as I but am bigger than he is.[03:48.86]I often try to wear his clothes.[03:53.61]They are too small for me .[03:58.65]I am good at eating and drinking.[04:04.22]I am also good at breathing fire.[04:09.68]I shall probably be a fireman.[04:14.22]Best wishes,Denis.[04:23.08]F A poem[04:27.34]There was a little turtle.[04:30.99]He lived in the sea.[04:34.65]He swam in a puddle.[04:38.60]He climbed on the rocks.[04:42.15]He snapped at a mosquito.[04:46.62]He snapped at a flea.[04:50.74]He snapped at a little fish.[04:56.33]He snapped at me.[05:00.77]He caught the mosquito.[05:05.03]He caught the flea.[05:09.29]He caught the little fish.[05:13.84]But he didn't catch me.[05:18.56]Words and expressions[05:22.64]lid[05:24.08]盖子[05:25.51]live[05:26.94]活的,生动的,[05:28.36]live with sb[05:30.04]和某人在一起[05:31.73]Canadian[05:33.26]加拿大人[05:34.79]Canada[05:36.16]加拿大[05:37.53]leave[05:38.96]许可,同意.[05:40.40]left[05:41.77]左边的,(leave的过去式,过去分词.)[05:43.14]sand-castle[05:44.91]沙子城堡[05:46.67]know about[05:48.36]了解有关...[05:50.04]be born[05:51.66]出生[05:53.28]in turn[05:55.06]轮流[05:56.83]suggest[05:58.57]建议[06:00.31]suggestion[06:01.84]建议[06:03.36]make a suggestion[06:05.24]提出建议[06:07.12]the Renmin Cinema[06:09.20]人民影院[06:11.28]such[06:12.70]如此的[06:14.13]such as[06:15.76]例如[06:17.39]Overseas Chinese Town[06:19.52]华侨城[06:21.65]junior[06:23.27]较年幼的;初中的[06:24.89]both[06:26.32]两者,双方的[06:27.76]both...and[06:29.64]二者[06:31.52]neatly[06:32.89]整洁地[06:34.27]make a mess[06:35.95]弄糟,弄乱[06:37.64]subject[06:39.11]题目;学科[06:40.59]few[06:41.96]很少的[06:43.33]mistake[06:46.20]Unit 6 Golden touch[06:51.17]A Let's read[06:55.32]Here is another of Peter's stories.[07:00.18]King Midas went for a walk in a forest and a god spoke to him.[07:07.44]"What do you want?" the god asked the king.[07:13.08]"I want to be the richest man in the world," King Midas said.[07:19.85]"Very well," said the god. "Go home."[07:25.60]Then the king went home.[07:29.54]He put his hand on the door handle and the handle turned into gold.[07:36.49]He pushed the door and the door turned into gold.[07:41.77]He walked around his palace and he touched things.[07:47.10]Everything turned into gold.[07:51.04]Then the king picked up a cake and the cake turned into gold, too.[07:57.52]E could not eat it.[08:00.76]He picked up a piece of bread and it turned into gold.[08:06.71]All his food turned into gold.[08:11.36]He could not eat.[08:14.60]The king became very weak.[08:18.36]Then he prayed and the god visited him.[08:23.64]"I cannot eat gold," he told the god.[08:28.79]"What can I do?"[08:32.44]"You can have the gold or you can have some food," the god said.[08:39.60]"Food, please," King Midas said.[08:44.46]The god gave him a bunch of grapes and King Midas touched them.[08:50.94]They did not turn into gold.[08:55.07]He ate the grapes and he was happy again.[09:00.03]C Fun time[09:04.16]Work in pairs.[09:08.00]Tell the story of each picture in turn.[09:12.96]The words in the brackets may help you.[09:18.11]1(went to...market)[09:23.15]2(want to...toy car)[09:28.50]3(saw...large.,unhappy)[09:34.96]4 (in...cage)[09:39.81]5 (bought...and...took it to)[09:45.74]6(set...free)[09:50.50]E Denis Dragon.[09:54.47]Denis told Tim a story, A young dragon fell into a river.[10:04.92]He could not swim and he shouted for help."Help!Help!" he CRIed.[10:14.58]An old dragon heard him and hurried to the river.[10:20.83]"Help me!" the young dragon CRIed. "I'm drowning."[10:28.19]"You're a very naughty dragon," the old dragon said.[10:36.24]He shook a paw at the young dragon."You didn't listen to your mother[10:44.70]and you walked near the water."[10:50.76]"Please help me first and then scold me," the young dragon said.[11:05.00]F A poem[11:08.94]There is a car on a bridge,[11:14.09]and under the bridge,there is a rock, and under the rock,[11:21.33]there is a stone, and under the stone,[11:27.18]there is a snail, and under the snail,[11:32.95]there is an ant, and under the ant,there is a flea,[11:40.50]Look out! Now the flea is on me![11:53.67]Words and expressions[11:58.94]golden touch[12:00.82]点金术[12:02.70]king[12:04.28]国王[12:05.86]forest[12:07.30]森林[12:08.74]god[12:10.06]神[12:11.38]rich[12:12.81]富裕的[12:14.25]handle[12:15.62]柄;把手[12:16.99]turn into[12:18.63]变成[12:20.26]palace[12:21.84]宫殿[12:23.42]gold[12:24.84]黄金[12:26.27]become[12:27.69]变[12:29.11]became[12:30.55]变得[12:31.99]pray[12:33.61]祈祷;祈求[12:35.23]bunch[12:36.61]束;串[12:38.00]a bunch of[12:39.58]一束,串[12:41.16]grape[12:42.48]葡萄[12:43.79]important[12:45.27]重要的[12:46.75]unhappy[12:48.42]不高兴[12:50.09]set[12:51.97]把...安置于[12:53.85]free[12:55.22]自由的[12:56.59]set...free[12:58.37]使..获自由[13:00.15]mend[13:01.68]修补[13:03.20]shout for help[13:04.73]呼救[13:06.26]hear[13:07.58]听到,听说[13:08.90]heard[13:11.03]hard的过去式,过去分词[13:13.16]shake[13:14.89]摇动[13:16.63]shook[13:18.00]shake的过去式.[13:19.37]paw[13:20.95]脚掌[13:22.53]scold[13:24.06]责备[13:25.59]snail[13:27.01]蜗牛[13:28.44]look out[13:29.87]注意;小心[13:31.31]art[13:32.79]艺术;美术[13:34.26]painter[13:35.69]画家;[13:37.11]probably[13:38.53]或许;可能[13:39.96]perhaps[13:41.39]出许;可能[13:42.83]wish[13:44.36]希望[13:45.89]best wishes[13:47.81]最好的祝愿[13:49.73]yourself[13:51.26]你自己[13:52.78]address[13:54.26]地址[13:55.74]date[13:57.02]日期[13:58.30]bottom[13:59.73]底部[14:01.17]turtle[14:02.54]海龟[14:03.91]rock[14:05.24]岩石[14:06.58]snap[14:07.86]猛咬[14:09.14]snap at...[14:10.81]咬住...[14:12.48]mosquito[14:14.01]蚊子 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180130/532643.html