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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]Unit 7 How do you feel?[00:04.99]A Let's read[00:08.65]Peter did not feel well.[00:12.49]His mother took him to the doctor[00:16.64]Doctor:You don't look very well, Peter.[00:20.79]How do you feel?[00:23.95]Peter: I feel tired all the time.[00:28.60]Doctor: Do you feel sick?[00:32.37]Peter: Only a little.But I feel weak most of the time.[00:37.93]Doctor: Have you got a sore throat?[00:42.37]Peter: Yes, and I have got a bad headache,too[00:47.73]Doctor: I'll examine you. Open your mouth.[00:52.27]Say "Aaah." Aaah.[00:57.31]Doctor: Yes, your throat looks very sore, I'll take your temperature.[01:04.16]You've got a fever.[01:07.81]Mother: What's wrong with him?[01:10.97]Doctor: He's got the flu.[01:14.24]Peter:Shall I be well soon?[01:17.69]Doctor:Oh, yes. I'll give you an injection and some medicine.[01:23.54]Go home and stay in bed for a few days.[01:29.00]Take the medicine in time. You'll be well very soon.[01:35.16]C Fun time[01:39.63]Divide into two teams.[01:44.18]One student from each team mimes a feeling[01:49.82]and the members of the other team guess.[01:54.26]If the other team guesses correctly, it scores a point.[02:00.42]Use these words :[02:04.37]weak hot cold thirsty sick happy sad angry[02:14.22]You feel cold.[02:17.98]E Denis Dragon[02:21.95]Denis: I don't feel well, Tim.[02:28.40]Tim:What's the matter?[02:31.88]Denis: My tail aches.[02:36.73]Tim: I'll examine you.[02:40.81]You've got a bad bruise on your tail.[02:46.06]How did you get it?[02:49.72]Denis: Someone stepped on my tail.[02:54.68]Tim: Poor Denis. Never mind.[03:00.11]I'll,put some cream on it.[03:04.48]That will make it better.[03:08.53]F A poem[03:12.39]Oh dear, I feel sick.[03:18.03]Oh dear, I feel sick.[03:23.99]My shoulders are aching.[03:28.04]I'm feeling very hot.[03:32.69]My tummy's going round and round.[03:38.15]I'm coughing such a lot.[03:42.72]My knees won't stop shaking.[03:47.27]I can't think what I've got.[03:52.02]Oh dear, I feel sick.[04:00.80]Words and expressions[04:05.66]all the time[04:07.24]一直;总是[04:08.82]look well[04:10.64]看起来很健康[04:12.47]feel tired[04:14.39]感到疲劳[04:16.31]feel sick[04:17.93]感到不舒服[04:19.55]feel weak[04:21.13]觉得无力[04:22.71]sore[04:24.14]痛的;发炎[04:25.56]throat[04:26.95]咽喉[04:28.33]sore throat[04:30.05]喉咙痛[04:31.78]headache[04:33.10]头痛[04:34.42]a bad headache[04:36.14]头痛得厉害[04:37.86]examine[04:39.24]调查;检查[04:40.61]temperature[04:42.34]温度[04:44.08]take one's temperature[04:46.00]经某人量体温[04:47.92]fever[04:49.40]发热[04:50.87]have got a fever[04:52.45]发烧了[04:54.03]flu[04:55.47]流感[04:56.91]injection[04:58.33]注射,打针[04:59.76]give sb.an injection[05:01.87]给某人注射[05:03.99]stay in bed[05:05.61]卧床[05:07.23]medicine[05:08.85]药[05:10.47]take the medicine[05:11.99]吃药[05:13.52]in time[05:15.30]及时[05:17.07]mime[05:18.65]作摹拟表演[05:20.24] mime a feeling[05:21.97]摹拟一种感觉议[05:23.71]member[05:25.29]成员[05:26.87]score[05:28.31]得分[05:29.74]paragraph[05:31.32]段;节[05:32.90]bruise[05:34.43]青肿;伤[05:35.96]step[05:37.24]踩[05:38.52] cream[05:40.00]乳剂[05:41.47]shoulder[05:42.84]肩[05:44.22]tummy[05:45.65]肚子[05:47.09]cough[05:54.17]咳嗽[06:01.25]Unit 8.Revision[06:05.69]A Sentence patterns[06:10.36]Some books animals are more interesting than others.[06:16.29]Some animals are less expensive than others.[06:23.06]Which do you like best I like swimming most least.[06:29.41]Peter wore his best suit.[06:34.08]Peter wore his cleanest suit.[06:39.05]Peter wore his oldest suit.[06:44.19]This is the most boring story.[06:49.23]This is the most exciting books.[06:54.38]This is the Least beautiful flower.[06:59.94]This is the Least tasty food.[07:05.20]I shall be late.[07:08.96]We will be late.[07:12.43]He will cook some noodles.[07:16.87]They will cook some noodles.[07:20.95]What shall I do?[07:24.42]What shall We do?[07:28.26]What will he do?[07:32.02]What will she do?[07:35.89]What will you do?[07:39.55]What will they do?[07:43.49]Tomorow will be fine.[07:48.17]Tomorow will be Warm and wet.[07:53.03]Monday morning Will be stormy.[07:57.68]Peter looks sick. Peter feels weak.[08:03.92]B Talking[08:07.37](1) Sue: What shall we do tomorrow?[08:11.81]Anne:What will the weather be like?[08:15.57]Sue:It'll be cold and wet.[08:19.33]Sue:Let's look In the Newspaper.[08:23.30]Anne:What films are there?[08:27.06]Sue:The most interesting film is Lost Child.[08:32.63]Doctor:Is that about a missing child?[08:36.88]Linda:Yes, it's the best film In the Newspaper.[08:42.45]Linda:I saw it last month.[08:46.52]It's the most boring film I'm not interested in it.[08:52.58]I'll stay at home.[08:56.24](2) Doctor:What's the matter,Linda?[09:00.60]Linda:I feel very sick[09:04.37]Doctor:You look all right.[09:08.13]Linda:My throat is sore and my head aches[09:13.46]Doctor:Have you got a fever?[09:16.93]Linda:I don't know.[09:20.40]My head is hot but I feel cold.[09:25.26]Doctor:I'll examine you.[09:28.61]C Story time[09:32.76]The wolf and deer[09:36.71]The wolf is the most dangerous animal in the forest.[09:42.77]One day, a little deer met a wolf.[09:47.91]"I shan't run away," the deer thought.[09:52.88]"I'll frighten the wolf.[09:56.43]How can I do that?"[10:00.50]It looked around.[10:03.74]It saw some small trees.[10:07.82]"I'll stand over there There are more trees there than here.[10:14.27]They'll hide me."[10:17.80]The deer walked to the trees, but they did not hide it.[10:23.26]Even the largest tree was too small.[10:27.72]Then the deer saw the shadows of the small trees.[10:33.18]The shadows were very big.[10:36.94]"I'll stand in the sun," the deer thought.[10:41.70]"Then I'll look more frightening."[10:45.96]The little deer stood in the sun.[10:50.21]The wolf saw its huge shadow.[10:54.37]"That's the largest deer in the forest," it thought.[11:00.43]"I shan't kill it. I'll find a smaller deer."Just then,[11:07.19]the sun went behind a cloud.[11:11.45]The deer lost its shadow.[11:15.21]The wolf saw the deer.[11:19.05]"There's a small deer," it thought.[11:24.12]"I'll eat that."[11:27.65]It jumped on the deer and ate it.[11:32.48]The moral is: Do not try to be too clever![11:38.64]Words and expressions[11:42.77]wolf[wulf][11:44.35]狼[11:45.93]deer[11:47.40]鹿[11:48.86]dangerous[11:50.37]危险的[11:51.89]frighten[11:53.47]惊恐[11:55.05]look around[11:56.58]环视[11:58.11]hide[haid][11:59.83]隐藏[12:01.55]hid[12:02.85]hide的过去式,过去分词[12:04.14]even[12:05.60]平的,偶数的,一致的,平静的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180130/532642.html