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北师大版高中英语第一册课文朗读:li 1

[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]UNIT 1 Listening[00:1.00]UNIT 1 life-styles Warmup[00:2.00]Exercise 2.[00:3.00]Listen,Say which of the people in the photos is sperking.[00:4.00]Lesson 2[00:5.00]Exercise 4.Listen to the interview and check your predictions.[00:6.00]Exercise 6.Listen to Mark and complete the table.[00:7.00]Exercise 9.Listen to Mark again,[00:8.00]Which words or sounds does he use to hesitate?[00:9.00]Lesson 3 A Volunteer Teacher[00:10.00]Exercise 3.Listen to the interview and answer these questions.[00:11.00]Communication Workshop[00:12.00]Speaking[00:13.00]Exercise 2.Listen to the girl answering questions for a class survey.[00:14.00]Copy and complete the table with her answers.[00:15.00]Exercise 3.Pronunciation.Listen again and write the questions.[00:16.00]Then mark the intonation up or down.[00:17.00]Review[00:18.00]Exercise 8.Listen to these sounds:[00:19.00]a)reading[00:20.00]b)in[00:21.00]Listen to the words.Which of the sounds do you hear? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180130/532633.html