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And here's Billie Jean running across the fountain, being chased by Hubie Pyatt's friends. 比利金跑过喷泉,被胡比·派特的朋友们追着。 And she jumps over here. And you can see the shot right here is what it looks like today. 她从这里跳过去。你能看到这里的镜头,就和今天看起来一样。 It's pretty incredible. I mean, honestly, it's exactly the same. 这很神奇。我是说,真的,完全一样。 And there they are falling in the fountain, and she runs up the stairs. This is a nice shot of the whole thing here. 还有这里他们落进喷泉里,她顺着楼梯跑上去。这里的镜头把一切都拍得很好。 I love that so much. 我太爱这个了。 I always think in my head, if I owned a dead mall -- why don't they embrace their vintage look? 我一直在脑海里想,如果我有一座倒闭的商场--为什么不让他们保留那些原始的样子呢? Put in a bar, like, put vegan food in the food court and invite millennials and hipsters to come and drink and eat, 开家酒吧,在美食广场开一家素食店,邀请千禧一代和嬉皮士们来吃吃喝喝, and I guarantee you within three weeks H&M and Levi's will be banging on the door trying to get space. 我跟你保证,三周以内,H&M和李维斯都会砸着门想进来开店。 I don't know why they don't do this, but apparently, it's only in my mind, it goes all day. 我不知道他们为什么不这么做,但是很显然,这只是我的想象,整天都这样。 Anyway, in closing -- When they first asked me to do this talk, I said, "Do you have the right person?" 总而言之--当他们请我来做这个演讲的时候,我说,“你们确定没找错人?” These talks are supposed to be kind of inspiring and -- I remembered something, though. 这些演讲应该是发人深省的,而且--有的事情我还是记得的。 I put my camera down three or four years ago, and it took going to these malls for me to be inspired again. 我三四年前放下了摄像机,走过了这些商场,才再一次振奋起来。 And to see my audience and people from all over the world writing me and saying, "God, I love your videos," is incredible. 看到我的观众们,还有全球各地给我留言的人们说,“天啊,我爱你的视频,”这感觉棒极了。 I don't know how to even explain it, as an artist, how fulfilling that is. 我甚至不知道怎么解释,作为一名艺术家,这是多么有成就感的事。 If you would have told me a year ago that I would be standing on this stage talking to all of you wonderful people, 如果你一年前告诉我,我会站在这个舞台上,给你们这些超棒的人演讲, I would have never believed it. I am humbled and so appreciative. Thank you very much. 我根本不会相信。我很惭愧,并且非常感激。谢谢大家。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180130/532595.html