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And then there's a guy standing next to her, with, like, an espresso cup, and he's like... 然后她旁边站着一个男人,拿着 一个咖啡杯,他就这样... And it says, "What brings you today?" 然后照片还写着,“哪阵风把你吹来了?” I wanted to be scared and depressed. Thank you. 我是想要觉得害怕压抑的好吗,拜托。 So the comments just kept pouring in on the videos, from all over the country, and then all over the world. 所以评论一直大量地涌来,堆积在我的这些视频下面。评论来自全国各地,后来甚至覆盖到全世界。 And I started to think, this could really be something, but I had to get creative, 这让我开始思考,这可能是个好事,但是我必须有创意, because I'm like, how long are people going to sit and watch me waddling through an empty mall? 因为,人们坐在那里看我在空荡荡的商场里晃悠,能看多久? So the original episodes I filmed with an iPhone. 一开始的几集,我是用苹果手机录下来的。 So I'd walk through the mall with an iPhone, and, you know. Like that. 我拿着手机在商场里走来走去,就像这样。 And security -- because malls, they don't like photography 保安们--因为这些商场,他们不欢迎摄影, so the security would come up and be like, "Put that away," and I'm like, "OK." 所以保安们就走过来说,“把那个收起来。” 然后我就说,“好好好。” So I had to get creative and sneaky, so I started using a hidden camera and different techniques to get the footage that I needed, 所以后来我必须更有想象力,更狡猾,我开始用隐藏摄像头和不同的技术来获取我需要的素材, and basically what I wanted to do was make the video like it was a first-person experience, like you are sitting 基本上我想做的,就是制作这个视频,会像第一人称角度的经历,就像你坐着, put your headphones on watching the screen -- it's like, you're there in the video, like a video game, basically. 戴着耳机,看着屏幕,你就感觉自己在视频里面,基本上就在玩视频游戏。 I also started to use music, collaborating with artists who create music called vaporwave. 我也开始用音乐,和一些制作蒸汽波音乐的艺术家合作。 And vaporwave is a music genre that emerged in the early 2010s among internet communities. Here's an example. 蒸汽波是一种音乐类型,从2010年初开始在网络上流行。这里有一段。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180129/532130.html