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北师大版高中英语第二册课文朗读:21a 4

[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]Lesson 13 Tomorrow's World[00:1.00]The Future of Cyberspace[00:2.00]Peter Taylor finds out how computers[00:3.00]and the internet are going to affect our affect our lives.[00:4.00]In the last thirty years,the Internet has grown dramatically.[00:5.00]In 1983, there were only 200 computers connected to the Internet;[00:6.00]now there are around 50 million and this growth is clearly going to continue.[00:7.00]Some experts are pessimistic about the future.[00:8.00]One worry is the activities of cyberCRIminals.[00:9.00]Even now,young hackers can get into the computers of banks and governments[00:10.00]In the future,cyberterrorists may 'attack the world's computers cause chaos,[00:11.00]and make planes and trains crash.[00:12.00]However,many people are optimistic about the future of the Internet.[00:13.00]Already, users can buy books, find out about holiday offers,[00:14.00]book tickets,and get all sorts of information from the Internet.[00:15.00]'In the next few years,' says Angela Rossetto of Cyberia magazine,'[00:16.00]it is clear that we are going to see an explosion of shopping on the Internet.'[00:17.00]She also believes that, in the future,[00:18.00]we will get entertainment from the Netand[00:19.00]that television will probably disappear.[00:20.00]The postal service may also disappear with the increasing use of email.[00:21.00]Some specialists see our future in virtual reality[00:22.00]the use of computers with sounds and images[00:23.00]that make you feel as if you are in a real situation.[00:24.00]'Personally, I think virtual reality will become a part of modern life,'[00:25.00]says Australian expert Peter Anderson'I see people living[00:26.00]and working in a virtual world.[00:27.00]We will work in virtual offices, shop in virtual supermarkets,[00:28.00]and we will even study in virtual schools.'[00:29.00]Lesoon 15[00:30.00]Virtual Reality Tom: Hi, Cathy.[00:31.00]What are you up to this weekend? Cathy:Don't ask, Tom.[00:32.00]I have lots of work to do.[00:33.00]If I don't finish my project on the history of the Internet[00:34.00]for next Monday's lesson, the science teacher will be angry.[00:35.00]What about you? Do you have anything planned for Saturday and Sunday?[00:36.00]Tom: It depends on the weather.If it's good.[00:37.00]Dad, Mum and I will probably go camping.[00:38.00]But we won't go if it rains.[00:39.00]Hey, if I stay home,I'll help you with your project if you like.[00:40.00]Cathy: Thanks for the offer.[00:41.00]Tom, can you suggest any good books for my project?[00:42.00]If you tell me some titles, I'll look for them in the library.[00:43.00]Tom: Use the library computer.[00:44.00]If you go to the Science Museum website,you'll find lots of good information.[00:45.00]I'll send you the website address when I get home.[00:46.00]Cathy:Thanks,Just think,if we had virtual reality holidays,[00:47.00]we wouldn't have any problems with the weather.[00:48.00]What's more,we wouldn't have to spend a long time travelling[00:49.00]on planesto get to our holiday destinations.[00:50.00]Tom:What do you mean?[00:51.00]Cathy: Well, in the future,we'll be able to use modern technology[00:52.00]to go anywhere we like.Wouldn't that be great?[00:53.00]I feel excited just thinking about it.[00:54.00]Tom: I don't understand.[00:55.00]Cathy, do you mean we'll use the computerto travel around the world[00:56.00]and visit all the historical sites?[00:57.00]Cathy: That s right! Just imagine it.[00:58.00]We would not only be able to travel around the world,[00:59.00]but also go to study in any world famous universities we wanted to.[1:00.00]Tom: That could be really exciting! But I still find it hard to imagine.[1:1.00]Cathy: If they invented virtual reality holidays,[1:2.00]I'd on an aroundtheworld tour.[1:3.00]Tom, what would you like to do if someone gave you the chance?[1:4.00]Tom: I don't really know.[1:5.00]Personally,I'm more interested in virtual reality universities[1:6.00]than virtual rea holidays.[1:7.00]I'd like to go to a worldfamous university like Stanford.[1:8.00]But I guess,a virtual university just wouldn't be the same,would it?[1:9.00]Cathy: True, but just think —you would be able study[1:10.00]in such a worldfamous university with out going out of your room![1:11.00]Lesson 16 Vitual Tourism[1:12.00]AUCKLADD new Zealand a guide Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand.[1:13.00]It has a population of just under a million people and is locate North Island.[1:14.00]This seaport is an important centre for business and industry[1:15.00]It is also the most dynamic and multicultura in New Zealand.[1:16.00]The history of the city goes back 650 years when the Maoris settled the area.[1:17.00]European settlement began in 1840 when the British arrived.[1:18.00]New Zealand's first governor, Captain William Hobson,made Auckland the capital.[1:19.00]Later, the capital moved to Wellington,because it was central.[1:20.00]Since 1945,the city of Auckland has grownand it now has large modern suburbs.[1:21.00]In 1985,the New Zealand government made people country a nuclear free zone[1:22.00]and since then[1:23.00]Auckland and has been centrefor protest against nuclear testing in the Pacific region.[1:24.00]Famous sights include Mt Eden,[1:25.00]one of many large volcanic hills well as the Auckland Harbour Bridge.[1:26.00]At the Parnell Village,[1:27.00]you can visit some of the first European settlers'homes.[1:28.00]In the city is the beautiful Auckland Domain[1:29.00]which is famous for its large palm tree and exotic plants.[1:30.00]You can see Maoris perform their traditional dances at the Auckl and Museum.[1:31.00]From wherever you are in the city, you can see the sea.[1:32.00]Auckland's nickname is 'the city of sails'[1:33.00]because it has more boats than anywhere else in the world.[1:34.00]It has a warm climate with plenty sunshine—[1:35.00]the average temperature in January(summer) is 23.4°C[1:36.00]and in July (winter)it is 7.8°C.[1:37.00]It has some of the best beaches Hb Zealand for doing water sports:[1:38.00]swimming, diving, fishing, sail and windsurfing.[1:39.00]It is easy to travel between Auckland and the rest of New Zeal[1:40.00]There are regular international flights too.[1:41.00]However, flights from Europe take over twentyfour hours and are expensive. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180129/532076.html