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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]Unit 13 Going to an exhibition[00:05.30]A Let's read[00:09.06]Anne and Peter went to an exhibition of children's art.[00:14.84]They went with their class.[00:18.68]The exhibition was at the Shenzhen International Exhibition Centre.[00:25.34]A lot of children were waiting outside when they arrived.[00:30.69]"We can't go in yet," Miss Li said.[00:35.74]"There isn't any room."[00:39.50]They waited outside for half an hour.[00:43.73]At last, their turn came.[00:47.78]The exhibition hall was full.[00:51.62]There were children everywhere.[00:55.38]"Don't stop in front of the pictures," Miss Li said.[01:01.13]"Keep moving.We're very late.[01:05.70]We'vegot only half an hour.[01:09.64]"I want to look at some pictures for a long time," Anne said.[01:15.60]"I don't want to look at every picture.[01:20.14]Iwant to look at good pictures."She pointed to a picture.[01:26.31]"Look at this one," She said.[01:30.67]"It's full of interesting things."[01:35.22]She pointed to a large picture of the countryside.[01:40.49]"I want to look at this for at least half an hour."[01:46.06]"I'll come back for you," Peter said and walked on with the other children.[01:52.90]Anne stayed in front of the picture for half an hour.[01:57.94]She was still looking at it when Peter came back for her.[02:03.09]"Come on," he said. "We're leaving now."[02:07.95]The rain was pouring down when they got outside the exhibition hall.[02:14.32]"We can't go back to school, "Miss Li said.[02:19.47]"We'll go back into the hall."[02:23.33]They stayed in the exhibition hall all morning.[02:28.79]This time,Anne looked at all the other pictures as well[02:34.64]C Fun time[02:38.62]What were they doing?[02:42.06]Ask and answer questions round the class.[02:46.90]Benny, what was your mother doing when you got home yesterday?[02:52.75]My mother was cooking when I got home yesterday.[02:58.02]Jane,what was your brother doing when you woke up this morning?[03:04.37]My brother was cleaning his teeth when I got up this morning.[03:10.64]E Denis Dragon[03:14.59]Tim went shopping with his mother. He left Denis at home.[03:22.45]Denis opened Tim's drawers.[03:27.80]He took out some of his clothes.[03:32.66]Denis was putting them on when Tim came home.[03:39.43]"What are you doing, Denis?" Tim asked angrily.[03:45.99]"Those clothes are mine." Denis said, "I want to look like you,Tim."[03:55.83]F Let's sing[03:59.96]One finger,one thumb,Keep moving.We'll all be happy and gay.[04:10.12]One finger,one thumb,One arm,one leg,keep moving.We'll all be happy and gay.[04:19.08]One finger,one thumb,One arm,one leg,One nod of the head,Keep moving.[04:27.13]We'll all be happy and gay.[04:31.49]One finger,one thumb,One arm,one leg,One nod of the head,Stand up,sit down,Keep moving.[04:41.23]We'll all be happy and gay.[04:46.48]Words and expressions[04:50.74]an exhibition of children's art[04:53.08]儿童美术展览[04:55.42]international[04:57.04]国际的[04:58.66]*centre[05:00.29]中心[05:01.92]Shenzhen International Exhibition Centre[05:04.71]深圳国际展览中心[05:07.49]room[05:09.11]房间,空间[05:10.73]everywhere [05:12.25]到处[05:13.78]*hall[05:15.31]会堂;大厅[05:16.84]*keepkept[05:18.76]v.保持;存放[05:20.68]keep moving[05:22.40]保持移动[05:24.13]be full of[05:25.60]充满了...[05:27.08]*countryside[05:29.00]n.农村[05:30.92]at least[05:32.45]至少[05:33.98]*Pour[05:35.50]v.倾倒[05:37.03]as well[05:38.56]又;另外地[05:40.09]*wake[05:41.77]v.醒[05:43.46]waked or woke[05:45.73]v.醒[05:48.00]wake up[05:49.48]醒来[05:50.96]*join[05:52.39]v.连接[05:53.83]at the end of[05:55.41]在...之来[05:56.99]go out[05:58.73]熄灭;出去[06:00.46]thumb[06:01.93]n.大姆指[06:03.39]*nod[06:04.85]v.点头[06:06.32]Unit 14 While Peter was queuing...[06:11.67]A Let's read.[06:15.82]Anne, Peter and Sue went to McDonald's for some hamburgers.[06:23.09]While Peter was buying the hamburgers,[06:27.63]Anne and Sue were looking for a table.[06:32.46]They found a table and sat down.[06:36.83]They were chatting when two big boys came up.[06:41.79]"You can't sit here" they said to Anne and Sue.[06:46.94]"We want this table."[06:50.70]"We're saving it for our friend," Anne said.[06:55.66]He's buying our hamburgers.[06:59.79]"You can't have a table without any food one of the boys said "[07:05.85]and they both sat down[07:09.51]"We're not going to move," Anne said.[07:14.23]While the boys were eating,[07:18.02]Anne and Sue were staring at them.[07:22.38]The boys didn't like this.[07:26.43]Then some people stood up and left a nearby table.[07:31.79]"You can have that table,"one of the big boys said."So can you," Anne said.[07:39.55]"This is our table and we were here first."[07:45.19]The boys moved to the other table.[07:49.32]Peter soon arrived with their hamburgers.[07:53.68]"What were you doing while I was queuing?"he asked.[07:58.72]"Nothing," Anne said.[08:02.48]C Fun time[08:06.43]DesCRIbe these pictures.[08:10.48]A boy was playing football while a cat was sleeping.[08:17.32]writing on the blackboard/reading)[08:22.75](watching TV/cooking)[08:27.59](sweeping the road/falling)[08:32.73](playing a computer game/speaking on the phone)[08:39.29]E Denis Dragon[08:43.44]"Play on your own,Denis,"Tim said.[08:49.19]"Do this puzzle."[08:53.16]Denis was doing the puzzle while Tim was doing his homework.[09:01.62]It was very difficult.[09:06.06]He soon got bored with it.[09:10.82]He ate some of the pieces.[09:15.18]While Tim was coming into the room,Denis was still eating them.[09:22.63]"Some pieces are missing,Denis,"Tim said.[09:31.77]"Where are they? Denis swallowed.[09:37.70]"Gulp "Were you eating them while I was working?" Tim asked.[09:47.08]Denis did not say anything,but he looked guilty.[09:55.44]Words and expressions[09:59.88]queue[10:01.20]v排队等候[10:02.51]hamburger[10:03.95]n.汉堡包[10:05.39]chat[10:07.16]v.聊天[10:08.94]*save[10:10.72]v.保留[10:12.49]save...for sb.[10:14.52]为某人留个...座位[10:16.54]*without[10:18.07]无...,没有.[10:19.60]*While[10:21.07]conj.当...的时候,和...同时[10:22.55]stare[10:24.13]v.盯着看[10:25.71]stare at[10:27.40]...盯着[10:29.08]nearby[10:30.81]a.附近[10:32.53]get bored with sth.[10:34.59]对...厌烦了[10:36.66]swallow[10:38.13]吞下[10:39.61]gulp[10:41.23]v.狼吞虎咽[10:42.85]guilty[10:44.22]a.内疚的[10:45.59]*office[10:47.17]办公室[10:48.75]get ready[10:50.19]准备好[10:51.62]*neighbour[10:53.06]邻居[10:54.50]downstairs[10:56.26]在楼下 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180128/531782.html