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[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]Unit 15 Revision[00:04.10]A Sentence patterns[00:08.54]Who does this belong to?[00:12.38]Who do these belong to?[00:16.33]It belongs to me.[00:19.80]Can we play before tea[00:23.88]Can we play after lunch?[00:28.42]Ken hurt himself.[00:32.50]We hurt ourselves.[00:36.34]They hurt themselves.[00:40.12]I went there to buy some food.[00:44.77]I went there to meet a friend.[00:49.14]I went there to see a film.[00:53.50]The policeman was running when I arrived[00:58.54]The policeman was writing when I arrived[01:03.90]How do you want to go?[01:07.55]Where do you want to go?[01:11.63]When do you want to go[01:15.89]We were rdading while he was working.[01:21.03]They were shouting while he was working.[01:25.89]B Talking.[01:29.65]Peter has a bandage round his head.[01:34.48]Anne: What's the matter?[01:37.65]Peter: I hurt myself.[01:41.09]Anne: When did it happen?[01:44.54]Peter: I was walking along the road,When I hit my head.[01:49.90]Anne: How did it happen?[01:53.24]Peter: I was reading a book while I was walking to the bus stop.[01:58.88]Suddenly,I hit my head on a lamp-post.[02:04.16]Anne: Sit down to take a rest.[02:08.29]You look very pale.[02:12.13]Peter: I'll be all right.[02:15.68]C Story time[02:19.73]Mr Brown was once lying in bed while a thief was entering his room[02:26.57]The thief was trying to break the lock of Mr Brown's writing desk and steal the money[02:33.42]He was sure that Mr Brown was asleep,[02:37.57]And he was frightened when he heard a loud laugh behind him.[02:43.21]"What are you laughing at?"asked the thief.[02:48.05]"Oh, my good fellow,"said Mr Brown, "[02:52.88]I'm laughing at what risk you are taking.[02:57.42]You want to find money by night in a desk,[03:02.60]But the owner of the desk can never find any money by day."[03:08.24]When the thief heard this,[03:11.58]He left the house at once.[03:15.34]E A joke[03:19.29]Tommy: Do you want to use your bicycle this morning?[03:24.15]Sally: Yes,I do.[03:27.41]I'll use it to ride to Grandma's house.Tommy: Oh.[03:33.47]Do you want to use your paintbox?[03:37.84]Sally: Yes,I want to use it to aint a picture for Grandma.Tommy: Good[03:44.18]Then you don't want to play your radio[03:48.41]And I can borrow it.[03:51.65]Words and expressions[03:55.73]lamp-post[03:57.26]灯杆[03:58.79]take a rest[04:00.67]休息一会儿[04:02.55]pale[04:03.83]苍白的[04:05.11]look pale[04:06.84]脸色苍白[04:08.58]lying[04:09.95]说谎[04:11.32]lay[04:12.71]放置[04:14.09]enter[04:15.62]进,人[04:17.15]lock[04:18.63]锁[04:20.10]sure[04:21.63]确信的[04:23.16]asleep[04:24.53]睡着[04:25.90]risk[04:27.28]冒险[04:28.67]take a risk[04:30.15]冒险[04:31.62]ride[04:33.04]骑[04:34.47]road[04:35.91]路[04:37.34]paintbox[04:44.07]颜料盒 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180128/531781.html