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北师大版高中英语第二册课文朗读:21a 5

[by:www.TingVOA.com - VOA英语网][00:00.00]如果你喜欢VOA英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦[00:00.10]Unit 5 Rhythm[00:1.00]Lesson 17 Performance[00:2.00]Alanis-a True Perormer[00:3.00]Canadian singer Alanis Morissette is used spotlight.[00:4.00]Her most famous album Jagged Pill,[00:5.00]came out in 1995 when she was only twenty-one years old.[00:6.00]It sold 15 million copiesand made her world famous.[00:7.00]Since then she has made several more albums[00:8.00]and she has continued giving great performances on stage[00:9.00]Last Thursday night hundreds of fans went the Corn Exchange in Cambridge,[00:10.00]England to see one of Canada's top singer-songwriters,AN Moriss-ette in concert.[00:11.00]It was Morissette's performance in Englandsince her song[00:12.00]'Uninvited' won this year's Grammy Award the best rock song.[00:13.00]The 30-year-old artist has a dedicated fan base in England.[00:14.00]There was not a empty seat anywhere in the auditorium at last Thursday's event,[00:15.00]although it was an incredibly cold night'Sure it's cold outside,[00:16.00]but I hope warm it up in here for you,'[00:17.00]Morissette said the large crowd before she started to play.[00:18.00]During the 3-hour concert,[00:19.00]the artist used a lot of material from her award-winning album[00:20.00]'Jagged Little Pill'.She also played a few songs from her new album,[00:21.00]such as 'Everything But...'which tells the story of someone looking[00:22.00]for love in the wrong places.[00:23.00]Morissette gave a creative and powerful performance in another song'Utopia'.[00:24.00]Her singing was full of feeling;[00:25.00]the first part of the song was filled with anger,[00:26.00]while the last part expressed tender love and joy.[00:27.00]Although the auditorium was cold[00:28.00]and the sound system caused a few problemsthe audience still managed[00:29.00]to enjoy the concert.[00:30.00]Many people in the crowd were obviously dedicated fans[00:31.00]and they knew the words and sang along to nearly every song.[00:32.00]Throughout the concert,the atmosphere inside the auditorium was electrifying.[00:33.00]Everyone agreed that they were greatly impressedby Morissette's[00:34.00]brilliant music and singing.[00:35.00]At the end of the three hours,Morissette showed that she was a true performer,[00:36.00]singing a memorable version of'Heartache'[00:37.00]She finished the evening with a new song about the life of a superstar.[00:38.00]While I watched and listened,[00:39.00]I knew that I was seeing the performance of a real superstar.[00:40.00]Lesson 19 Experiment in Folk[00:41.00]Kong goes for folk! As a famous classical pianist,[00:42.00]Kong Xiangdong surprised his fans last weekby givins a concert[00:43.00]of Chinese folk music.[00:44.00]Kons explained that he combined Chinese folk[00:45.00]music the piano because he wanted to try something new.[00:46.00]After playing classical music for years,[00:47.00]Kong felt the need to find some way of being different[00:48.00]from other classioal musicians.[00:49.00]As a result of his search, he discovered the potentials of Chinese folk music.[00:50.00]As his mother was a great music lover,[00:51.00]music has always been an important part of Kong's life.[00:52.00]It wasn't always easy for the young Kong Xiangdong.[00:53.00]He was made to practis the piano so much[00:54.00]that he sometimes found it unbearat But because he persevered,[00:55.00]he soon became a great pianist.[00:56.00]In 1986, he became the youngest prize winnerin[00:57.00]Moscow's Tchaikovsky international Competition.[00:58.00]He wa only 18.Because of his talent Kong became famous worldwide.[00:59.00]But after years of intense pressure,[1:00.00]Kong admitted that perhaps he was so busy[1:1.00]that he lost his own identity in some ways Because of this,[1:2.00]he decided to look more closely at his own rootsand rediscovered[1:3.00]the beauty in Chinese folk music.[1:4.00]Kong's new experiment in Chinese folk music[1:5.00]was so important that he even changed his appearance.[1:6.00]He arrived at his first performance of Chinese folk musicwith all his hair shaved off.[1:7.00]Since the music style was new,his hairstyle had to be new too![1:8.00]Kong wants to play Chinese music so that the world car learn more about China.[1:9.00]But that is not the full story. Kon sees it as a two-way exchange.[1:10.00]He wants to play Chinese music so that he can help transform Chinese music.[1:11.00]Good luck,Kong Xiangdong![1:12.00]Lesson 20 Let's Dance Ballet[1:13.00]Ballet began in Italy and France during the Renaissance[1:14.00]and is still an important art form in Western culture.[1:15.00]Ballet tells a story with music and actions but no words .[1:16.00]...(1)...Another famous Russian ballet is called 'The Nutcracker'.[1:17.00]Many countries have produced ballets,including China.[1:18.00]One well- known Chinese ballet is called 'The White-haired Girl'.[1:19.00]Folk Dance Folk dances are traditional styles[1:20.00]of dancing the came from the ordinary people.[1:21.00]They are usually group dances that are taught from one genera to another.[1:22.00]China is famous for the many different types[1:23.00]of folk dances you can see there,[1:24.00]including the dragon dances and the lion dances[1:25.00]that are performed in Chinese Spring Festival celebrations[1:26.00]... (2) ...Today,many well-known folk dances are performed for audiences,[1:27.00]like the Yangge.[1:28.00]The Yangge is a kind of rural dance,[1:29.00]which is ofter performed on festival occasions.[1:30.00]In many parts of the countryon the first[1:31.00]and fifteenth days of the first lunar month,[1:32.00]you will be able to see many dancers,both young and old,[1:33.00]dressed in beautiful costumes[1:34.00]skip ping back and forth in time to the loud rhythm of cymbals[1:35.00]and drums in the parades.[1:36.00]Many people visit China during the Spring Festival[1:37.00]to see a performance of this unique rural dance.[1:38.00]Popular Dance Popular or social dances often came from folk dances,[1:39.00]although they are usually popular for only a short time[1:40.00]. ...(3)...Until the eighteenth century,[1:41.00]social dances were only held in palaces or the homes of aristocrats.[1:42.00]However, in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries,[1:43.00]social dancing became more popular.[1:44.00]Ballroom dancing,which was a formal dance in a large room[1:45.00]became popular in Europe and North America.[1:46.00]Central European folk dances, such as the waltz and polka,[1:47.00]changed and became the most popular examples of ballroom dances.[1:48.00]In the United States the mixing of immigrant cultures produced new forms of dance,[1:49.00]such as square dancing and tap dancing.[1:50.00]Before the First World War,new ballroom dances came to Europe and America,[1:51.00]for example.Fox Trot,Tango, Rumba,Cha-Cha.[1:52.00]The Argentine Tango was made internationally popularby Carlos Gardel[1:53.00]through his songs and films.[1:54.00]From the start of the twentieth century,AfricanAmerican rhythm[1:55.00]and movements also became part of popular social dance:[1:56.00]in the 1920s the Charleston;in the 1930s and 1940s the jitterbug;[1:57.00]and then the rock 'n'roll dances of the 1950s[1:58.00]..(4).. Dancing in couples returned in the 1970s and 1980s with 'disco' music[1:59.00]....(5)... This acrobatic form of solo dancing began[2:00.00]in the poorer partsof large American cities. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180128/531774.html