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So when I started producing "The Dead Mall Series," I put the videos up onto YouTube, 当我开始制作“废弃的商场系列”时,我把这些视频放在了YouTube上, and while I thought they were interesting, frankly I didn't think others would share the enthusiasm for such a drab and depressing topic. 当时我觉得它们很有趣,可是说实话,我不觉得别人对于一个如此单调而压抑的话题也会感兴趣。 But apparently I was wrong, because a lot of people started to comment. 但是很显然我错了,很多人开始评论留言。 And at first the comments were like -- basically like, "Oh my God, that's the mall from my childhood. What happened?" 一开始留言是--基本上都是“哦我的上帝,这是我小时候就在的商场。发生了什么?” And then I would get comments from people who were like, "There's a dead mall in my town. You should come and film it." 然后我开始收到人们的留言,“我们这儿也有个倒闭的商场,你应该来拍一拍。” So I started to travel around the mid-Atlantic region filming these dead malls. 于是我开始在中大西洋地区往来,拍摄这些倒闭的商场。 Some were open. Some were abandoned. 有些还开着门。有些已经被遗弃了。 It was kind of always hard to get into the ones that were abandoned, but I somehow always found a way in. 想进入那些被遗弃的商场有点困难,但是我总能找到办法进去。 The malls that are still open, they always do this weird thing -- like the dead malls. 那些还开着门的商场,他们总会做一样的奇怪事情--像倒闭的商场一样。 They'll have three stores left, but they try to spruce it up to make it appear like things are on the up-and-up. 他们会留下三家商店,但是他们会尽量好好装扮,让这几家店看起来蒸蒸日上的样子。 For example, you'll have an empty store and they bring the gate down. 比如,你会看到一家空空荡荡的商店,大门被拉下来了。 So at Owings Mills, for example, they put this tarp over the gate. Right? 在奥因斯米尔斯,比如说,他们给大门罩上防水布,对吧? And it's got a stock photo of a woman who is so happy and she's holding a blouse, and she's like... 然后上面有一张宣传照片,一个看起来非常开心的女人,她拿着一件衬衫,就像这样... 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180128/531726.html