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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第07集 第12期

备受关注的案子来证明自己 he took a high-profile case in order to prove himself. 等着看吧 他们下次会加到一百英尺 她现在在作证 And now she's testifying. 艾格斯先生可以上庭 Mr. Agos is free to take the stand 解释他自己的观点 and explain his own state of mind. 是的 谢谢 法官阁下 Yes. Thank you, Your Honor. 派恩女士 你调查莱蒙德·毕夏普的 Ms. Pine, how long did you run the investigation 真希望我们能一起喝一杯 贩毒组织有多久了 into Lemond Bishop's drug organization? 快两年了 Almost two years. 在这段期间 你对 And during that time, how many charges 毕夏普先生提出过多少次诉讼 did you file against Mr. Bishop? 一次也没有 None. 真的吗 一次也没有 Really? None? 那是不是有可能 So isn't it likely 我想你 他们把毕夏普案 that they gave the Bishop cases 给了一个有能力可以处理得更好的人 to somebody who could do better? 反对 诱导性提问 Objection. Argumentative. 不 反对无效 No. No, overruled. 我想听听回答 I want to hear it. 是的 Yes. 有可能 It's possible. 艾丽西娅 这边 Alicia. In here. 抱歉 我刚在换衣服 Sorry. I was just getting changed. 不必 谢谢你见我 No, thank you for meeting with me. 你在开玩笑吗 我是你的粉丝 Are you kidding? I'm a fan. 别嘲笑我的腮红 是为拍摄化的妆 Don't make fun of my cheeks. It's makeup for camera. 弗兰克 Wow, Frank. 你爱吃甜食吗 A bit of a sweet tooth? 不是 你喜欢吃曲奇饼吗 No. Do you like cookies? 你得带一点 拜托了 You have to have some. Please. 两罐 至少三罐 Uh, two tins. Three tins, at least. 我没关系的 但还是谢谢你 I'm all right. Thank you, though. 是那些网上的女士们 Oh, it's these ladies online. 她们有个粉丝俱乐部 They have a-a fan club. 她们主观认为我会喜欢某个东西 And they get it into their heads that I like certain things. 去年她们认为我晒了太多太阳 Last year they thought I was getting too much sun, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/The-Good-Wife-06-07-12.html