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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第06季 第07集 第11期

凯里经常问我情况 Cary checked in with me pretty regularly, 他想知道调查还会持续多久 wanting to know how far along the investigation was, 我们把握大不大 if we were building a strong case. 你是怎么回答艾格斯先生的 And what did you tell Mr. Agos? 保释限制 我必须和他保持30英尺的距离 The bail restrictions. I have to keep 30 feet between us. 我知道 可我需要你的帮助 I know. I need your help on this. 他们试图说明凯里在州检察官办公室的时候 They're trying to imply that Cary was secretly working 在私下里为毕夏普做事 for Bishop when he was at the SA's Office. 你在开玩笑吧 You're kidding. 不 只是各种假设和巧合 No, it's all supposition and happenstance, -但很有影响 -谢谢 没有问题了 - but it's effective. - Thank you. Nothing further. 看看你能不能找到有力的反驳 See what you can dig up to battle it. 律师 抱歉 Counselor, excuse me. 请原谅我打断你的重要会议 Sorry to break up the important meeting 让你回到法庭上来 可我们都在等你 you're having back there, but we're waiting. 好的 法官阁下 我向各位致歉 Yes, Your Honor. My apologies. 派恩小姐 当凯里进入州检察官办公室时 Ms. Pine, uh, you were already at the SA's Office -你已经在了吗 -是的 - when Cary joined? - I was. 那你记得他离开私人律所 And do you remember the reason 到这来的原因吗 that he left private practice to come over? 引导证人推测 Calls for speculation. 说得对 重新问 Damn right. Try again. 你同意凯里是个好胜的人吗 Would you say that Cary is a competitive person? 法官阁下 Your Honor. 我们已经知道了她是他的同事 We've already established that she is his colleague, 在想我违反了保持三十英尺距离的规定吗 而不是他的治疗师 not his therapist. 检方很直接地暗示 The prosecution's direct suggested 我的当事人毫无理由地接管了毕夏普的案子 that my client took the Bishop case for no reason. 这只是为了证明他接了一个 It is within the scope to show that 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/The-Good-Wife-06-07-11.html