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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第04季 第09集 第13期

听过 马太福音第六章第21条 Yes. Matthew 6:21. 那当局不改变这些福利政策 Well, wouldn't the inaction of the current administration 是不是意味着他们内心其实 on these issues indicate where their heart really is 是站在捍卫婚姻法案一边的 on the Defense of Marriage Act? 好了 我要在这里打断你们了 谢谢 Okay. I'll interrupt there. Thank you. 你可以坐下了 巴奇 You can sit down now, Bucky. 在我看来 捍卫婚姻法案 It seems to me there are mixed signals 是否符合宪法规定还有待商榷 on the constitutionality of DOMA, 而婚姻的真实有效性 and it is left up to the individual courts 还是由各法院来判定 to decide on the veracity of a marriage. 所以请呈上相关证据 So please present me with evidence 以证实兰伯恩先生的婚姻 on Mr. Lamborne's marriage. -洛伊女士吗 -是的 - Ms. Loy? - Yes? 我是大卫·李 家庭法律师 I'm David Lee, family law. 艾丽西娅请我来为你的遗嘱纠纷案辩护 Alicia asked that I help with your probate. 很高兴认识你 Oh, lovely to meet you. 想来点M&M巧克力豆吗 Would you like some M&M'S? 好 我 我还真想吃点 Yes, I-I would, actually. 非常感谢 Thank you very much. 你是艾丽西娅的母亲吗 So, you're Alicia's mother? 是的 而你是艾丽西娅的老板 Yes, and you're Alicia's boss. 其中一个老板 Well, one of them. 请节哀顺变 I'm so sorry about your recent loss. 谢谢你 Thank you very much. 你觉得这事困难吗 Uh, do you think there will be any difficulty with this? 不一定 原告说你对他的父亲不忠 Depends. The other claimant says that you were cheating on his dad-- 而死者就是因此而修改遗嘱 that's why the deceased changed his will -将你排除在外 -他是在说谎 - to exclude you. - That's a lie. 很不幸 这个谎很有说服力 Unfortunately, a convincing one. 那我输定了吗 So I've lost then? 不一定 Not necessarily. 为什么 Why not? 我很棒的 I'm good. 我的英雄 My hero. 如果你输了这次的遗嘱纠纷 Will your finances be devastated 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/The-Good-Wife-04-09-13.html