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傲骨贤妻(The Good Wife) 第04季 第09集 第12期

是的 先生 正如我刚才所说 Yes, sir, as I said. 这也适用于政府各级各部门吗 And this would apply to every level of the government? 是的 先生 Yes, sir. 那社保福利呢 Social Security benefits? 我承认社会保障总署 Well, I will admit the Social Security Administration 还没有跟上形势 has been slow to modernize. 你的意思是同性配偶 Meaning that same-sex spouses 不能享受社保福利 do not receive Social Security benefits. 是的 目前是这样 That is correct, currently. 那联邦房地产税收减免呢 What about Federal Estate Tax Deductions? 对同性配偶适用吗 Are they available to same-sex spouses? 很遗憾 不适用 No, regrettably. 那公务员配偶的医疗福利呢 Spousal medical benefits for government employees? 不 还不行 No, not yet. 军人配偶的医疗和牙科保险 Medical and dental insurance for military spouses, 购房优惠 以及遗属福利呢 discounted housing, surviving spousal benefits? 都适用吗 Anything? 都还不适用 Again, not yet. 那让我把话说明白了 So, let me get this straight. 现任政府认为捍卫婚姻法案 The current administration considers the Defense of Marriage Act 违宪且具有歧视性 to be unconstitutional and disCRIminatory 该法案不应实施 and it should not be enforced 除非涉及到福利政策 except when it comes to money. 反对 原告律师在作证 Objection. Counselor is testifying. 女士 刚才询问证人的是布瑞斯勒先生 Uh, ma'am, Mr. Breslow questioned the witness. 只有他有权提出反对 Only he is allowed to object. 布瑞斯勒先生 你要提出反对吗 Mr. Breslow, do you have an objection? 不 法官阁下 原告的提问很有看头 Uh, no, Your Honor. This is too entertaining. 不许你再这样做 Don't do that again. 询问的节奏和内容由我来决定 I determine the pace and rhythm of questioning. 希普顿先生 So, Mr. Shipton, 你有没有听过那句圣经诫命 have you heard the biblical imperative, "珍宝在何处 心也在何处" "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be"? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/The-Good-Wife-04-09-12.html