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BBC地平线 无人驾驶汽车的黎明(Dawn Of The Driverless Car) 第03期

不同的等级 The plan then moves through various levels 代表不同的自动化和协助驾驶技术 of automation and driver-assist technologies 最终达到五级 and ends up at level five. 五级就是人们仅仅需要做乘客 Level five is where humans are simply passengers. 届时 "驾驶"一词 At this point, the word "driving" 回归到与家畜有关的工作 reverts to being something to do with livestock. 如果这听起来像是科幻小说作家的白日梦 If this sounds a bit like a science fiction writer's pipe dream, 那别忘了 除了已投入的大量精力 then remember, an awful lot of effort and, 关键是还有大量资金也已投入其中了 crucially, money is currently going into it. 谷歌每年在无人驾驶上投入资金3千万美金 Google is investing 30 million annually to driverless, 英特尔公司最近向以色列 and Intel recently paid 15 billion 无人驾驶技术公司汽车之眼注入150亿资金 for Israeli driverless tech company Mobileye. 从小众机器人赛车 From niche robot race cars... 快看 它完全是自己在开 Look, it's being steered by nobody! 到大规模的制造商 ..to mass manufacturers, 无人驾驶技术无处不在 driverless is where it's at. 无人驾驶的未来 I think the promise of a driverless future 让我很兴奋 where cars are available to everyone 人人可以使用汽车 and they can do all the hard work 维姬·特克 《新科学家》科技编辑 汽车自己就能开 and ease congestion and ease pollution 还能缓解堵塞和污染 is very exciting, 但是我还是有点担心 but I am a bit doubtful as to 它最终是否真的能走到这一步 whether that's how it will actually play out. 自动驾驶应该是在汽车行业中 Autonomy is probably the biggest thing that's being talked about 瑞秋·伯吉斯 《汽车》新闻编辑 讨论的最重要的事情了 in the automotive industry. 身体不便的人也能够方便出行 People that are less able will be able to get around 因为不需要他们来开车 because they won't need to be driving. 但显而易见 在投入使用之前 But obviously, there's so much legislation来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/Dawn-Of-The-Driverless-Car-3.html