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BBC地平线 无人驾驶汽车的黎明(Dawn Of The Driverless Car) 第02期

能自动驾驶供我们差遣的汽车 But cars that can run errands for us by themselves 很快将会占据街道 could quickly clog up our streets 并影响一些人的生计 and ruin livelihoods, too. 从出租司机到货车司机 From taxi drivers to truck drivers, 许多人以开车谋生 lots of people have a job as a driver. 我们花费了大量精力来推销这个 A lot of effort has been put into selling us 无人驾驶的梦 the driverless dream. 现在梦想即将达成 Now it's almost upon us, 我们真的是在梦游着进入一场噩梦吗 could we actually be sleepwalking into a nightmare? 如果最终真的遇到了绝境 事故必定发生 What happens when it eventually encounters a no-win scenario, 且无法避免时又将如何 when it actually has to have an accident? 地平线 无人驾驶汽车的黎明 我们喜欢汽车 We love cars. 喜欢买车 We love owning them, 喜欢开车 we love driving them, 而且学开车是人生大事 and learning to drive a car is a rite of passage. 拉手刹 手刹 Handbrake off. Handbrake. 手刹 Handbrake. 你得学会开车 You've got to be able to drive 哈尔·霍德森 《经济学人》杂志 不然算不上是真正的成年人 or else you're really not a real adult. 但学习如何看后视镜 正确使用信号灯 But learning to mirror, signal 以及操控方向盘已经开始过时 and manoeuvre is on its way out, 因为在谷歌 英特尔甚至是脸书的小黑屋里 because shadowy backroom technologists at places like Google, 技术人员们 Intel and even Facebook 决意要"除掉"司机 are hell-bent on getting rid of drivers altogether. 我们在建立能使汽车自动驾驶的系统 We're building systems to enable cars to drive themselves. 可爱的汽车们被淘汰只是时间问题 Our lovely cars are on borrowed time. 美国汽车工程师协会 There's even a plan drawn up 甚至已经起草了计划书 by the Society of Automotive Engineers. 也可以说是线路图 A road map, if you will. 从零级起步 It starts with level zero. 零级是由人类司机操控一切 Level zero is where the human driver has control of everything.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/Dawn-Of-The-Driverless-Car-2.html