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BBC地平线 无人驾驶汽车的黎明(Dawn Of The Driverless Car) 第01期

从方方面面开阔了人们的视野 and in so many ways, expanded our horizons. 但它也有负面影响 But there's a flip side. 汽车破坏了我们的环境 Cars have destroyed our environment, 毒害了我们呼吸的空气 poisoned the air we breathe, 并以更直接残酷的方式夺走我们的生命 and killed us in far more straightforward ways. 全球每年因交通事故身亡的人数 There's about a million deaths every year 高达上百万 in this world due to traffic accidents 这个数据让人完全无法接受 and I find this just utterly unacceptable 尤其是在21世纪 in the 21st century. 但一切即将发生改变 But all that's going to change. 不久 汽车业将会出现 Soon, we'll be in a position 喜人的成果 供我们享用 to have our automotive cake and eat it. 无人驾驶汽车将对社会产生巨大影响 Self-driving cars are going to have a huge impact on society. 它们能够安全驶过路况复杂的 They'll be able to navigate through complex intersections 十字路口 with no collisions. 如果我可以坐下来 读本书 听听歌 If I could just sit back and read a book, listen to music, 小睡一会儿 那真的太棒了 catch up on some sleep, that would be great. 一旦车子能够从附近自动开过来 Once your car can come from round the corner, 我们就可以 we can start opening up 开放一些居民区 some of these sort of residential areas 让人们重新拥有更多的社交活动 and they'll feel much more sociable again. 这是一个汽车自动驾驶的世界 This is a world where cars will drive themselves, 通过健康绿色体贴 a world where we are simply passengers, 且绝不会出错的科技护航 ferried about by wholesome, green, compassionate technology 我们仅仅做个乘客就好 which will never, ever go wrong. 而这一天就快到了 And it's almost here. 按下这个按钮 I can press this button. 我连可以控制的把手都没有 I don't even have a control that I can grab. 福特智能汽车 完全化的无人驾驶汽车 A fully autonomous vehicle 将在2021年投入商业运营 in commercial operation in 2021.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/Dawn-Of-The-Driverless-Car-1.html