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BBC地平线 网络攻击 国家医疗服务系统瘫痪之日(Cyber Attack The Day the NHS Stopped) 第31期

但结果是 追踪病毒就是阻止病毒 but it actually turned out the tracking it was stopping it. 就像是寻找疫苗 It was like finding a vaccine. 现在 想哭病毒已经无法进一步造成损失了 For now, WannaCry could do no further damage. 国家医疗服务系统还没意识到这一点 The NHS didn't realise it yet 还依赖应急系统继续运行 and were still relying on emergency systems, 然而网络攻击已经结束了 but the cyber attack was over, 恶意软件已被击溃 the malware defeated. 媒体称之为"传播开关" "Kill switch" was, sort of, the term the media ran with. 这名字很恰当 因为它就是一个开关 It sort of makes a lot of sense, cos it is a kill switch. 能够停止恶意软件 It stops the malware. 注册个域名就能阻止全球的网络攻击 It seems silly that simply registering a domain 这听上去有点蠢 但确实奏效了 would stop a global cyber attack, but it happened. 商用台式机755系列 基本输入输出系统 版本 A09 网络攻击之后的几天里 In the days following the cyber attack, 国家医疗服务系统逐渐恢复上线 the NHS slowly came back online. 设备都打了补丁 Machines were given the patch, 检查更新 用备份数据恢复了被加密的文件 backup data was used to restore the encrypted files, 马库斯阻杀病毒的新闻传播开来 and news of Marcus's cure spread. 我们听说 Well, as we've been hearing, 全球性网络攻击意外地得以阻止 the global cyber attack was halted almost by accident. 一名二十二岁的英国人检查了代码 It was a 22-year-old in the UK who checked the code 发现了病毒与一个未经注册的网站之间的关联 and found a reference to an unregistered website name. 随着系统的恢复 With systems restored, 派特里克终于得到了他期盼已久的消息 Patrick finally got the news he was waiting for. 我已经回去复工了 然后接到了一通电话 I'd gone back to work, then I had a phone call to say 说他们已经为我在下一周安排了手术 that they had managed to get an operation date for me for next week, 当时我正跟一个客户在一起 which I was with a customer 我们跟他们其中一些人见了面 We've met some of them. 希望也来自于同行 Hope too because of all professions, 医学界应该学会了应对措施 medicine should be able to learn how to deal with this, 因为这是宿主免疫系统的本领 because this is the feat of host immunity 受到感染 识别病毒 of taking the hit from an infection, recognising it, 不断强化防御 and then continually evolving your defences until, eventually, 直到无懈可击 you're impervious. 希望也来自于国家医疗服务系统 Hope as well because, despite reports, 面对网络病毒仍然勇往直前 the NHS never stopped. 是的 部分网络受到了严重影响 Yes, parts of its network were severely affected, 但它一如既往地保护了我们 but it kept doing what it always does. 过去的几周不尽如人意 但也告诉我们 If the last few terrible weeks have taught us anything, 国家医疗服务系统可以承受一切攻击 it's that the NHS can take whatever you throw at it. 他们有计划 也能吸取教训 It has a plan, it will learn 他们时刻准备着 and it will be ready for the next time.来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/Cyber-Attack-The-Day-the-NHS-Stopped-31.html