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美语情景对话 第211期:健身房 Gym

Jessica: Kate, how do you normally spend your evenings? 杰西卡:凯特,你通常怎么度过晚上的时光? Kate: I've joined the gym here, so I go and exercise and go for a swim. 凯特:我加入了这里的健身俱乐部,所以我会去锻炼,游泳。 Jessica: Swim. How long do you stay each time? 杰西卡:游泳。你每次锻炼多长时间? Kate: About 2 hours. 凯特:大约两个小时。 Jessica: Wow. So what do you do during those two hours. 杰西卡:哇。那这两个小时里你都做什么呢? Kate: So we go to the gym for about an hour and then have a swim for half an hour and then sauna for about ten minutes and then finish off with a massage. 凯特:我们在健身房运动一个小时,然后游泳半个小时,之后蒸桑拿10分钟,最后去按摩。 Jessica: Really, a massaging chair? 杰西卡:是按摩椅吗? Kate: A massaging chair! 凯特:对,是按摩椅! Jessica: Wonderful, and so who do you go with? 杰西卡:真好,那你和谁一起去呢? Kate: I go with Nicola. 凯特:我和尼科拉一起去。 Jessica: And Nicola is? 杰西卡:尼科拉是谁? Kate: She's another teacher and she's who I live with, so. 凯特:她也是老师,她和我一起住。 Jessica: Alright, good, good, good, good. Now when you're in the gym, do you do weights? Do you do cardio? Aerobics? Running? Walking? 杰西卡:哦,真好,真好,太好了。那你们在健身房会做力量练习吗?你们做有氧运动吗?健美操?跑步?健步走? Kate: We do everything really. Aerobics and weights. 凯特:其实我们什么都会做。有健美操和力量练习。 Jessica: Aerobics and weights are the best. 杰西卡:健美操和力量练习是最好的运动。 Kate: The gyms here are much better than back home. 凯特:这里的健身房比我们家乡的好太多了。 Jessica: Oh, yeah. What's the biggest difference? 杰西卡:哦,这样啊。最大的区别是什么? Kate: They have games on the machines so if you're cycling, you're also playing a game where you have to blow up the other cyclists so it makes it a bit more interesting than just exercising. 凯特:他们的健身器材上有游戏,你在骑单车的同时也在玩游戏,你必须要击败其他的自行车手,这种游戏比只做运动要有意思。 Jessica: Uh-huh! So it passes the time by. Yeah, lot quicker. And then why are you exercising? Do you have a certain reason, a goal in mind? 杰西卡:啊哈!这样时间过得很快。嗯,快很多。那你为什么要健身呢?你是有特定的理由,还是有想达成的目标? Kate: Yeah, because I put on a lot of weight when I was in Australia because I was eating too much pizza and, good breakfast, and drinking far too much beer. 凯特:对,因为我在澳大利亚的时候体重增加了很多,我吃了太多的批萨,早餐吃得很丰盛,还喝了过多的啤酒。 Jessica: So you just want to shed those extra pounds. 杰西卡:所以你是想减去多余的体重。 Kate: Yeah, that I put on and get back to the original weight that I was. 凯特:没错,就是我增加的那些体重,我要恢复我原来的身材。 Jessica: Well, good luck to you. 杰西卡:嗯,祝你好运。 Kate: Thank you. 凯特:谢谢你。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/527813.html