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Here is a picture that was taken at the first Board of Directors' meeting 这是照片记录了第一次董事会议 that happened in October not pictured here is Tal, 在十月举行照片上没有的是Tal who is a member of the board of the directors 他是董事会成员之一 as are a number of our other leading positive psychologists from United States and around the world. 也是美国乃至全世界众多杰出积极心理学家之一 There's a special student membership so I encourage you to check out 协会设立特别的学生会员我鼓励你们了解一下 the international positive psychology association at www.ippanetwork.org 国际积极心理学协会网址是www.ippanetwork.org and join to stay abreast of the latest development in the field of positive psychology. 加入并把握积极心理学领域最新发展动态 I wish we had time for your questions but I know Tal has a lot of great stuff for you today. 很希望有时间回答你们的问题但Tal准备了很多精彩内容 So we will move along. 请继续上课 Just want to let you know that there will be an information session this afternoon, 希望大家知道今天下午有一个咨询会 from 3 to 4:30 in Harvard Hall, room 103. 在哈佛大厅103教室,从三点到四点半 So we'd love to see any of those of you who are interested to stop by and talk with us 我们非常期待有兴趣的同学过来和我们谈谈 and we'll be able to talking more detail 到时我们可以更详尽地 about more specific questions you might have at that point. 解答你们的问题 We'll also be here for a few minutes after class. 下课后,我们也会留下几分钟 We have some brochures with us. 我们带来宣传册 We'd love you to take a brochure if you are interested. 欢迎有兴趣的同学来取 There's always more information hat can be found on our website at pennpositivepsych.org 在我们的网站上可以了解到更多信息,pennpositivepsych.org or you can email us the address listed. 也可向列出的地址发邮件 So we hope to see a lot of you at the MAPP program sooner or later. 希望我们能在宾州应用心理学硕士课程上见面 In the meantime, wish you have a very successful semester 同时祝你们本学期取得成功 as you dig into the science of positive psychology and put it into practice in your own lives, 深入学习积极心理学的科学并将之应用于生活 and think about how to take positive psychology from the classroom to the world. 思考如何把积极心理学从教室带向世界 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/527798.html