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As we get different projects to train people in the UK, to positive psychology in their schools, 中心有各种项目,去英国培训他人向学校推广积极心理学 the people that we draw on are MAPP alumni, 我们派去参与项目的是硕士生 because they have the education and foundation that is needed to be able to put through these projects. 因为他们有所需的教育背景和基础去完成这些项目 So we hope to continue to put together alumni with various opportunities that come along to us. 我们希望继续安排同学参与各种机会 Caroline Miller, the third person there-and she is an author Caroline Miller照片中的第三个人她是一位作家 and she is getting ready to publish her second book and she's also a speaker and a coach. 正准备出版她的第二本书她也是一个演说家和教练 And she's had the opportunities since MAPP to actually teach a lot of the courses 攻读硕士学位后她获得很多授课的机会 and she's very focused on goal setting and she's very focused on sports psychology. 她的方向是目标设立和运动心理学 So this has really expanded what she's been able to do. 硕士课程大大扩展了她的能力 And not all of our students are Harvard graduates, 并非所有学生都是哈佛毕业生 but these three happened to be them. Harvard graduates. 但这三位都是哈佛毕业生 So it's very interesting to see that little snapshot. 这张快照颇有趣味 And we hope we have many more Harvard graduates coming to our program. 我们希望有更多哈佛毕业生参加我们的课程 So James, you wanna finish up here? James你来总结吧? Thank you very much, Debbie. 非常感谢,Debbie Our presentation is entitled "From the Classroom to the World". 我们的推广名为"从教室走向世界" And certainly the MAPP program is one way 宾州应用心理学硕士课程显然是一个途径 of taking positive psychology from the classroom to the world. 将积极心理学带向世界 Just want to mention very briefly another opportunity: 再简单介绍另一个机会 We've just started the international positive psychology association. 我们刚刚创办国际积极心理学协会 And this is going to be a major international organization 它将成为一个重要国际组织 to help facilitate communication and collaboration among researchers 帮助积极心理学的研究人员和应用者 and practitioners of positive psychology. 更便利的交流与合作 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/527797.html