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Argument that regulation on speech was necessary for the preservation of the US particularly during wartime was used and justified by this notion. 这也经常被讨论 就是对言论的管制特别是在战争时期的美国是合法的基于这个理论 That it was necessary for the preservation, so one person burning a flag, or one person speaking out against a war should be prosecuted . 虽然我们的宪法规定言论自由但是一个人在战争时期如果焚烧国旗 Even though we have these principles that are contained in the constitution about free speech We can maybe see torture in a similar light, it's. 或者发布反战言论那我们就应该起诉他也许我们可以从相似的角度看待虐待 Not a perfect fit in that although there could be justifications as some have used, that a single incidence of torture that extracts a particular. 这并不完全一致但是同样的理由我们可以拿来辩护为从某个人那里 Form of information from someone being interrogated that somehow that's useful for the preservation, the civilisation, is not necessary. 获得信息所采用的特别形式即刑讯对国防和公众是有用的但这不是必须 That we need to attack necessity and say that torture can never be used under any circumstances, rather than saying our morals are better than. 我们没有必要去强加标签说虐待在任何情况下都没有好处不要说我们的道德观就比 Your morals, in terms of our ability to weight the value of the life of someone who has been torture and the value of quote. 你们的道德观高尚不要用我们的能力去衡量那些曾遭虐待的人 "lives saved" by the information extracted by using a torture technique Second set of remarks, are just to supplement the regime you proposed. 以及那些为获取所谓"减少牺牲"的信息所遭受刑讯的人的人生价值其次主要是补充说明你设想的管理模式 I think that one of the big struggles here is to recognise that the legislation in any forward looking legislation would govern contractors. 我认为这里最大的难点在于鉴定如何立法才能管理雇佣军 From here on out SO I agree with you I think that it's going to be extremely difficult to phase out the use of private contractors when that's a more. 因此我十分赞成你的意见我认为现在要想排除私人雇佣军的使用是万分困难的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/527767.html