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Intelligence community, or instrumentality thereof regardless of the nationality or physical location, where instrumentality is defined as contractors. 或者成为一种不受国土位置限制的手段而之前法律很可能对 Or subcontractors precisely the class of people who are not being held accountable at any tier of the intelligence community In order to. 那些实际管理人员的承包商或雇佣军无效这些人在任何层面都可以逃避管辖 为了是Garrett Implement Garrett's expanded legal regime then we find two related challenges in the rhetoric of Necessità in the view of Coetzee's collar on talkback. 所扩展的法律体系生效我们发现从Coetzee的对讲系统和哈里斯民意调查的反馈来看 Radio or the Harris Poll respondent to return Coetzee, quote "The world is ruled by necessity, says the man in the street, not some abstract. 有两个相关的修辞学上的挑战急需解决即"世界被必要法则统治普通人与抽象的道德楷模不同 Moral code, we have to do what we have to do" If you wish as we do then to counter the man in the street it cannot be by an appeal to moral. 我们不得不做一些我们不得以而为之的事"对普通人来说道德戒律并没有 Principles much less by demanding that people should run their lives that there are no contradictions in what they say and what they do Ordinary life is. 人们生活所必须的东西更有吸引力在他们说的和做的之间并没有矛盾日常生活总是充满了矛盾 Full of contradictions Ordinary people are used to accommodating them Rather Coetzee says you must attack the metaphysical supra-empirical. 普通人习惯于适应他们Coetzee与其说人们必须形而上学虚假的需求 Status of Necessità and show that to be fraudulent And one way of doing this is to look for an analogue in the past When have we been able to show this. 不如说这展示了如何被欺骗一个解决办法就是回溯一个类似的情况当我们可以重现这种争论的时候 Argument that necessity is somehow fraudulent and I heard an interesting analogue the other day from our own professor Stone that frequently the. 必要性有时候就变得很有欺骗性那天我从Stone教授那得知了一个有意思的相似案例 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/527766.html