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388. The good news is that there is growing agreement on what is wrong with the teaching of history and what needs to be done to fix it. 英语四级译文: 好消息是,对于历史教学存在的问题以及解决这些问题要采取的措施,达成了越来越多的共识。 四级词汇讲解: the good news is that意为“好消息是”,其中that引导的是表语从句,good也可替换为其他的形容词。如: The bad news is that it may be too late.坏消息是可能为时已晚。 agreement意为“协定,同意”,常和on或about构成搭配,表示“在……方面达成一致”。如: They were finally in agreement about the price.他们最终在价格方面达成了一致。 be wrong with意为“有故障;有毛病”。如: What's wrong with that machine?那台机器出什么毛病了? There is something wrong with my back.我的后背有点毛病。 fix意为“修理;解决”。如: My watch needs fixing.我的手表得修修了。 英语四级考点归纳: 有关wrong的常见短语有: ※ get the wrong end of the stick意为“(对听到的话)完全误解”。如: You've got the wrong end of the stick; I don't owe him money, but he owes me.你完全听错了,我不欠他钱,是他欠我钱。 ※ wrong side out意为“里面被翻转成外面”。如: She's got her sweater on wrong side out.她穿的毛衣里面冲外了。 ※ go wrong意为“犯错误;出毛病”。如: You can't go wrong with the new washing machine.用新洗衣机绝对不会出错。 The computer has gone wrong again.电脑又出毛病了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/527762.html