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释义 beautiful; comeliness; fairness; goodliness; loveliness 释义相关词条: comeliness fairness goodliness loveliness pulchritude 双语例句 1. Gregory was still enchanted with Shannon's youth and joy and beauty. 格雷戈里仍为香农的朝气、快乐和美丽着迷。 2. To me he is the most beautiful child in the world. 对我来说,他是世界上最美丽的孩子。 3. We have a beautiful city and we pray it stays that way. 我们的城市很美丽,但愿它能保持下去。 4. She wore a fine chain about her alabaster neck. 她细腻光滑、美丽白皙的脖子上戴着一条精致的链子。 5. In this living room we've mixed glorious floral prints. 在这间客厅,我们粘贴了各种美丽的印花纸。 6. You'll be impressed with the brightness and the beauty of the colors. 色彩的明艳美丽会让你大饱眼福。 7. We meandered through a landscape of mountains, rivers, and vineyards. 我们在群山、河流和葡萄园构成的美丽画卷中漫步。 8. After a joyous and restful three days, I left this beautiful city. 度过了愉快轻松的3天后,我离开了这个美丽的城市。 9. The beautiful island of Cyprus is a magical place to get married. 美丽的塞浦路斯岛是缔结良缘的美妙之地。 10. The house is located in one of Pimlico's prettiest garden squares. 房子位于皮姆利科最美丽的一个花园广场上。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/527747.html