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创业与企业发展 第109期:竞争的代价

There's always a sort of a personal version of this that I tell where I was sort of hyper tracked. 对于这个问题,我有一个自身的例子 My 8th grade junior high school yearbook, one of my friends wrote in, 在8年级的时候,一个小伙伴在我的纪念册上写道 I know you'll get into Stanford in four years as a Sophomore, 我知道,四年之后,你一定会进入斯坦福 sort of when it is going to Stanford four years later, the end of high school, went to Stanford Law School. 四年之后,在高中毕业后我真的去了斯坦福大学的法学院 You know, ended up at a big law firm in New York, where from the outside everybody wanted to get in. 最后供职于纽约的一家法律事务所,一个外面的人拼命想进去 On the inside everybody wanted to leave. 里面的人拼命想出去的围城 And it was this very strange dynamic, 正是由于这种奇怪的原因 where after I sort of realized that this was not the best idea, 我意识到这样下去并不是一个好主意 and left after seven months and three days. 因此7个月零3天后我辞职了 You know, one of the people down the hall from me told me, 当时一个同事跟我说 it's really reassuring to see you leave, Peter. 皮特,真为你的离开感到高兴 I had no idea that it was possible to escape from Alcatraz. 我就没用勇气逃离此地 Which of course, all you had to do was go out the front door and not come back. 其实离开很简单,打开门走人就是了 But so much of people identities got wrapped in winning these competitions, 但很多人却一直为输赢所困 that they somehow lost site of what was important, what was valuable. 从而错过了重要的,有价值的东西 And you know, competition does make you better at whatever it is you're competing on. 不论在何领域,竞争确实能让你变得更强 Because when you're competing, you're comparing yourself with the people around you. 因为你在竞争的同时会与你周围的人进行比较 You're figuring out, how do I beat the people next to me? 你会想如何打败身边的人 How do I do somewhat better at whatever it is they're doing. 如何做的比别人更好 And you will get better at that thing. 这样你就会变得更好 I'm not questioning that, I'm not denying that. 我从不否认这一点 But, it often comes at this tremendous price that you stop asking some bigger questions, 但是这样代价太大了,因为你忽视了更重要的问题 about what's truly important and truly valuable. 忽视了什么才是真正具有价值的东西 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/527736.html