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亚洲社会文化研究 第113期:面目一新的北京(21)

All these new developments are walled and gated with 24 hour security. 所有这些新开发的楼都是高墙围绕,大门有24小时守卫 Most of them are impractical without a car and, boy, are they expensive, particularly since the government retains land ownership. 大多数如果没有车就很不方便,啊,真贵,尤其是在政府收回土地所有权之后 One bedroom starter apartments of 1100 square feet are 245,000 dollars 一个一居室1100平方公尺,标价24.5万美元 and three bedrooms with 3,800 square feet about 1.2 million. 3800平方公尺的三居室则大约120万美元 Truly upscale developments are popping up like mushrooms on a misty Beijing morning. 真正高层次消费的地产正在北京雾蒙蒙的早上如蘑菇般涌现出来 I do not know how many millions these townhouses cost, but a shiny new Mercedes, BMW or Audi 我不知道这些联排别墅卖几百万,但总有锃亮的新奔驰,宝马,或奥迪 was sitting outside most of them at 11 o'clock on a weekday morning. 停在大多数别墅门口,还是在工作日早上十一点 These are legacy homes, but not a Chinese legacy, more English. 这些都是文化遗产房,却不是中国的遗产,更多的是英国的 Yes, this one, with Greco-Roman marketing hype. 是的,这一幢被宣传成希腊罗马式 I expect their rich occupants find them pleasant enough providing they have two cars and like living in a cage, remote and isolated from real China. 我期待住进去的富人能享受这里,鉴于他们有两辆车,像是住在笼子里很孤立,离真正的中国很遥远 On ring five, occupants of legacy homes have plenty of malls to choose from, all of which presume you are arriving by car. 在五环上,住这些遗产房的人都很多商场可供选择,所有的都假设你会开车过来 Car dealerships necessarily proliferate. 因此汽车销售的生意也必然跟着红火 I don't know what's for sale there, but this one, 我不知道那边是卖什么的,不过这个我知道 this is one of several mega furniture malls, apparently, pampering to the Grecian-roman legacy homes crowd. 这个是几家大型的家具商城之一,明显是为了迎合那些住希腊罗马式房子的人 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/527726.html