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夏洛的网 第206期:最后一天(05)

The rat, surprised out of a sound sleep, looked first dazed then disgusted. 老鼠本来睡得熟熟的,一下子给吓醒了,它看上去先是昏头昏脑,然后是大不高兴。 "What kind of monkeyshine is this?" he growled. “这是什么恶作剧?”它咆哮说, "Can't a rat catch a wink of sleep without being rudely popped into the air?" “老鼠不能睡一会儿,不这样粗暴地给挑到半空去吗?” "Listen to me!" CRIed Wilbur. "Charlotte is very ill. She has only a short time to live. “听我说!”威尔伯大叫,“夏洛生了重病。它只能活很短的时间了。 She cannot accompany us home, because of her condition. 由于身体不好,它不能和我们一起回家。 Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that I take her egg sac with me. 因此,我绝对必须把它的卵袋带回去。 I can't reach it, and I can't climb. 我够不着,又爬不上去。 You are the only one that can get it. 只有你能把它拿下来。 There's not a second to be lost. The people are coming - they'll be here in no time. 现在一秒钟也不能在耽搁了。人们在往这儿赶——随时就到这里。 Please, please, please, Templeton, climb up and get the egg sac." 谢谢你,谢谢你,谢谢你,坦普尔顿,爬上去把那个卵袋拿下来吧。” The rat yawned. He straightened his whiskers. 老鼠打哈欠。它拉拉胡子。 Then he looked up at the egg sac. 接着它抬头看那卵袋。 "So!" he said, in disgust. "So it's old Templeton to the rescue again, is it? “是这么回事!”它厌恶地说,“又是要老坦普尔顿去救助,对不对? Templeton do this, Templeton do that, 坦普尔顿,你干这个;坦普尔顿,你干那个; Templeton please run down to the dump and get me a magazine clipping, 坦普尔顿,谢谢你跑到垃圾场去啃一片杂志带回来; Templeton please lend me a piece of string so I can spin a web." 坦普尔顿,谢谢你借给我一根绳子,我好结网。” "Oh, hurry!" said Wilbur. "Hurry up, Templeton!" “噢,赶快啊!”威尔伯说,“赶快啊,坦普尔顿!” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180112/527718.html